Should szs have children with other szs

Yes, I think that this is ok if both szs like to do so. In the city near my little town there was a famous mental hospital and some psych personnel developed relationships with some patients of the hospital. Now this mental hospital is a museum.

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I just don’t know if it’s right to pass this illness to another human being since mental illness is hereditary. This is why I’ve been pondering with the idea of having a family or not.


Thee Answer Of Course Is Yes ,

Yes , “schizophrenics” Should Be Able To have What Else Everyone Else Gets To Be Lucky Enough To Have ,

There Is NOTHING Wrong With A “schizophrenic” ,

It’s Tha Label ,

Lyke Being Branded Cows OR Something …

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Yeah, I struggle with that. Even if only one of the parents is sz I don’t know. I struggle with that a lot, I really always wanted kids.


I agree, we should have what everyone has but mental illness is scary. The psychosis you go through and the hardship that comes with it, it’s not something you would wish upon another human being, let alone doing it purposely. I just suffered a lot.


wise words, as always @sleepoptimistic

I read somewhere the sz gene is creative although szs often are not able to translate that creativity to outlets (not saying we can’t be creative) but I read once many ppl with sz relatives achieve fame and success because they may possess the gene but not the illness. So I think we can have kids and if they don’t have sz they can achieve a lot. Just my theories though.

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my ex was diagnosed infertile, but gave birth to my son…

I think the thing that worries me most, more than the chance of passing the illness on, would be a young child dependent on two people who are prone to hallucinations, delusions, bizarre thinking, lack of functioning. If it’s one sz and one mentally stable person, at least if one has a relapse and goes off the rails, the other can be depended on to make sure the child’s needs are met. You can’t guarantee that with two sz parents. Obviously you can’t guarantee it, period, but with two sz parents, the risk seems unacceptably high to me.

I’m just talking personal feelings, not about what people should be legally allowed to do, of course.

In my family we have had few szs. My aunt in Sweden, my cousin in Sweden, my aunt in Finland and my father heard voices in the past. The son of my aunt was raised by his and my grandmother and this my another cousin has no sz although his mother was hospitalized in many closed institutions for most of her life. So this gene that is in my family was not passed to my cousin or if it was, he did not get sz and he is today a well skilled carpenter as my father was and my grandfather was. I believe that children of szs do not necessarily develop sz.

holy â– â– â– â– 


makes a 50% chance that the kid will be schizophrenic

have four kids and two of them will suffer like we do.


I dont mean to be rude but just no, no no no.


From where did you get that 50 %, sz and normal? Or something else.

Since my childhood I have known I may have the sz gene and so I lived with this gene and was able to see the world and accomplish many things before I got sz in America. I believe that children who have the sz gene may live and accomplish things without developing sz if they can control stress in their lives.

Dude I just finished classes for a degree in psychology and am working on my own thesis in it this year and taking electives…I’ve read the stuff I say about genetics.

And yeah you said a kid can have a normal life before scz…well it’s a neurodevelopmental disorder, so a stress free life won’t even prevent it. I involves abnormalities in the way the brain grows, basically.

Here read this

Knowing that the predisposition is there could go a long way in preventing onset and severity of any psychosis that could develop.

I think it can be done. No drugs and scientific education as well as life experience of social exposure and travel. Nothing to fear and all that. No hallucinogens to instigate changes in the brain.

50% is pretty damn high.

I come from a totally non sz family and it hit me. If there was another sz in the family there might have been more understanding passed to me from the get go.

Well now there is a sz in the family. At least.

Prevention of scz is just not feasible without drugs. I wish it were, but it just isn’t.

Sure, some things can speed up the process, but it is inevitable- scz were born destined to become scz.

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I do not know about these percentages, but in my family it seems that there is 10 % chance of getting sz which is 10 times higher than 1 % of the whole population. Although I have this sz, my siblings (2) do not have it and they have succeeded quite well in their lives. My goddaughter is in the same age group with mortimermouse and she became a medical doctor recently.

I don’t know man. I want to disagree… Like that’s just where my bias is. I know you have a better perspective over this.

My life was just so normal until about 3 years ago. It still seems like it could have been avoided.\

What I meant by this “No drugs and scientific education”

should have read no illegal drugs and the encouragement of a strong scientific education.

Part of me doesn’t want kids (hell, no way if I’m still poor). Part of me does because of the biological urge. Evolution dictates that I spread my genes :smiley: . Survival of the fittest, you know. Do I really want to be the first in countless predecessors to not reproduce? Sounds like failure to me.

If one understands “intergenerational genetic concentration” and understands that the likelihood of “delivering” sz to the next generation is ever-increasing, would they roll the dice?

I wonder someday if the government would pass legislation to prevent schizos from having kids. You know to prevent government spending on welfare and to limit suffering.