For Those of You Thinking of Having Kids With Someone From a Family With Schizophrenics

Heredity is like rolling the dice, Having messed up relatives may increase the odds of having a messed up offspring but it doesn’t guarantee it. My father taught philosophy and was a bluegrass musician, an Uncle of mine was a well known musician in country and bluegrass, my twin’s an IT director at the business he works at, my younger brother is a handyman and an artist who works beautifully with his hands, I have a niece who’s a genius with a bright future, 2 nieces who are exceptional singers, and 1 niece who is a great nurse. I also had alcoholism, and schizophrenia in the family. I didn’t achieve much but it didn’t mean my other family members were the equivalent of poisonous genes or that the majority even have mental problems. I hope that a misguided government dedicated to eugenics never targets a family like mine. There are even some scientists who say that eliminating schizophrenics may eliminate geniuses altogether. Some say there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Family lineage can be such a line.


In fact, in the early days of human society, if people catch a cold, they will be driven out of the tribe. Hahaha Now, mental patients are like that.
Whether it is to eliminate psychotic genes or improve medical technology
I don’t know

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Your twin would have been the most likely to have it as well?

In twins there is 50 50 change if one has sz. Doctor Kane Mackenzie explained this very good in this video

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My twin is fraternal. So the chance is less likely. However it is the third highest chance in heredity behind the identical and offspring of two parents and the highest in my family. Believe me though he’s definitely OK.

I’m sza . My first and only child turned out to have sz/sza. He inherited it from me probably. He suffered terribly with his condition. I wouldn’t recommend anyone with sz/sza having children.

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I have sz, and so does my brother. My other brother has some delusional thoughts and hallucinations, but they don’t interfere with his life badly. Mr. Star has autistic tendencies.

We know the genetic risks of passing something on to our child, but we have decided to have kids anyways. I don’t much like having sz, but I like it more than never being born. My child deserves the same chance.

I wouldn’t be a very good mental health advocate if I didn’t think sz or autistic kids should be born.


I couldn’t personally have kids with all of my disorders. I’d be too worried about them being worse off than I am and would feel personally bad about it, even if I know it’s okay for sz, anxious, etc. children to exist. I would feel incapable of taking care of them properly, and pregnancy scares the everloving ■■■■ out of me in general!


Why do you say you didn’t achieve much…is that an excuse because you’re disabled?

I didn’t achieve what society would recognize as much. I once biked 30-40 miles but I have no photographic proof of the achievement unless someone witnessed me do it. I used to walk for over 15 miles on occasion but once again no proof unless you saw me do it. I swam, played tennis, golfed a few times, but you wouldn’t believe that if you saw me now. I worked hard at the Library for over a decade and some people there said I was one of the best workers there but it doesn’t matter now because I did not make lasting friendships. in fact the only people who know me well are direct family members. You can blame my attitude for that but the disability did not help. I once got an associate’s degree in History with a 4.0 GPA but then had a relapse, and became more disabled. Before then the schizophrenia hit while I was seeking a Meteorology degree and helped me flunk out of school. I wrote poetry that generally was not published. It’s doubtful but if someone kept it and it was found after I died some kids in a school could be required to read it but my life history would be considered to be tragic because I never had a wife, kids, or an important job. But when I looked into publishing it I realized that being on SSI would make it difficult to be productive at it and merely wrote most of it to family members. I did achieve a lot really. There’s just little or no proof of it since I have mainly kept to myself. It could be my attitude or the disability. I don’t know. We can’t pass off all our failures to a disability but it has been a huge albatross in the room.

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