Should I tell my pdoctor?

I wrote a letter about everything that is bothering me and stuff that I have never told anyone about that’s really distressing but I’m really nervous about sharing it and what he will say. What do you guys think is there a easier way to do it or should I not.

I would definitely go ahead and share that… He might have some insight into it. Or it might just help him understand you and what you go through better. Sometimes it’s hard to verbalize things. As a doctor he should understand that. There are many ways to communicate things, even through art.


When I first saw my current Psychiatrist I wrote her a Summary of my History and Symptoms.
She really appreciated this.
I think that your letter could be helpful.


I had a lot of delusions wrapped up with reality I couldn’t get it all out in 15 minutes and it made me look a lot more delusional than I was. So I wrote it all down and shared it. After that my doctor started giving​ me a few more weeks then months between visits. He quit trying to push so much meds on me. I think it worked well for me.


I say tell him. If you’re not comfortable revealing everything at once, do one or two issues at a time.


You have to answer that question for yourself. Does it feel right? If it doesn’t, maybe you should wait a while, but if you have progressed in your relationship to the point that you think it’s time to share this with him or her, maybe you should go ahead. I think the main thing is - “Will the doctor understand it?” Your pdoc might not know you well enough to understand the significance of what you tell him or her, and it might just get buried in the rhetoric and details of therapy. You have to decide if it’s the right time for this.

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If he is open tell him everything. I hope you have the right psychiatrist.

He might just refer you to thearopy.

Thanks guys I told him and it went OK I think :slight_smile: