How do I talk to my pdoc?

I haven’t been completely honest with my pdoc. I just don’t fell like I can be. One of my delusions is that my pdoc and therapist are conspiring against me. While I know it’s not true, my head says it is; if that makes any sense. The problem is, I don’t think I’m getting the correct treatment. I mean, I think are going in the right direction, but I think I need a much heavier does of Risperdal. I have an appointment with her on the 19th. What can I do to tell her I need more medication without explaining the reasons? Is that even possible?

I don’t know why I have to make everything so difficult in my life.

I think you should try to overcome that by being honest with your pdoc. It’s hard, but doable.


I don’t know if it’s like this in your patch of the world… but I had to go to a lawyer and sign a lot of papers giving permission for my therapist and my doc to even speak to one another.

This was recent… in the past… they weren’t allowed. But I had a pretty bad break down four years ago and having them both on hand sure would have helped.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

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I think that you should be honest with your pdoc, especially if you need more medication.

Don’t worry, I don’t think that he will commit you, especially that you are not a threat to yourself or others.

You can do this.


Minnii is right, you have to be honest. I lied for the first two years after my diagnosis, kept saying it wasn’t so bad, that I ‘only heard a dozen or so voices’ then I had a break down, walked out into the woods with a skinning knife and was quite intent on killing myself. Thankfully my german shepherd is attuned to my mental state and broke her collar to get off the dog run and chased me down, for another three years I had no shrink, because I was terrified they would take my dogs away (that is my biggest fear and the cause of two psychotic episodes).

I got my new shrink back in 2013, after four months she physically locked me in the room and said I wasn’t leaving until I gave her a response that wasn’t a nod of the head or an ‘okay’ the one that really pisses her off is ‘I’m Fine’. I broke down and my 30 minute appointment lasted for three hours… Afterwards I felt so much better, and I got the right meds at the right dose. It is always hard to trust someone, especially with the paranoia we Schizophrenics tend to have, but you have to have trust someone, and I can tell you from experience, that telling your dead grandfather your problems really isn’t helpful…since you know…he’s dead…and that person you are talking to is a hallucination …

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I know that fear of conspiring together, my pdoc and tdoc are in the same building and are still not allowed to discuss me without my permission. I haven’t met my pdoc yet, i’m nervous though. I’m worried she will change everything around me so much that I won’t be able to cope. Anyway back to you, you have every right to discuss your meds with your psychiatrist. If you feel they aren’t helping tell them.

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be honest with them…
otherwise how can they help you. :heart:
i told my therapist that i hated her for a while… last time i was there…
i tell her everything.
i have no secrets :books:
take care :alien:

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