Do you get tempted to keep things from psychiatrists/mental health workers?


Because you feel if you say anything they don’t listen/misinterpret and will make things worse.

Saw the nurse practitioner for the first time

Of course. Building a rapport takes a lot of time.


Yes, I don’t tell my therapist or psychiatrist every last detail of my life or every embarrassing thing that happens to me. Or everything I think.


As long as you don’t intend to harm yourself or others you can put your trust in your Doctor. He chose his path and wants to help you. #shareyourself


Had too many bad experiences with pdocs/mental health workers that were scum to fully, or near fully, believe that.


Yin and Yang creates a balance


I learned that you can’t tell the truth to some pdocs, it just isn’t worth what happens when they misinterpret what you say.
It’s even worse when they don’t have any sense of humor.


I have before because I knew they would have taken me to the hospital


i can’t remember telling them anything, just the basics really

i didn’t get into deep conversation about any of my symptoms just kind of showed them that i was really concerned and wanted something done about it, but they never really did (talking about the p/doc,

my first p/doc was ok though, she got me into horse riding which was awesome even though i could only do it for a short time it was awesome. apart from that they have just been boring and disappointing, except when i have been getting better, thats when they start to give you a pat on the back but that was only because of a med change,

if i was still on risperidal i would still be disappointed with them and their inability to help, if they knew there was no progress being made then why continue to let me suffer? i had to take control of the situation and change my meds myself, took a bit of experimenting and maybe a short hospitalisation but i eventually got on the right med and then bang :boom: i started to improve.


I think my doc and I have built a good rapport. But I still don’t tell him everything. I think I’m more open with my therapist… and I do find I hold some stuff back as well.


You can’t lie or hide the truth from your psychiatrist and expect good results.
Psychiatry works best when honesty is involved.
In the past, I was not upfront with my doctors, and it bit me in the ass later


I know my son didn`t even tell half!
He never tells anyone…


Oh yeah all the time. I’m always incredibly cautious with how I present things. The first two people I spoke with I didn’t even bring up my psychotic symptoms because I expected it would be misunderstood…(also because I just didn’t think it was something I could get help for, like I really didn’t even consider it, donno why)

I also don’t like being judged, even by therapists. Like the whole reason I left the last one who worked with me on my anxiety wasn’t because I didn’t like her, it was because I had grown to like her enough to where I was now too embarrassed to share that part of my life with her, so I had to go find a new stranger to talk to, ha.

Right now I’m hiding my sexuality struggles from my therapist. I just don’t even know how to bring it up, aside from really awkwardly.


I’ve learned to be careful about what I say to psychiatrists.


When you have been ignored/dismissed/trivialised enough times it’s all to easy to hold things back . Especially if you try and get your point across and some pdoc with his head up his butt labels you awkward, troublesome and demanding.


I’ve learned that it is a mistake to get too vehement with a psychiatrist. Bad things start happening.


Often! I’m a pretty private person although opened up over the years with therapy.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is one way around it in hospital though is talk to the hospital chaplain. That is if you do need to talk. They won’t pass that info onto your doctor so it doesn’t enter your notes and does give you a sympathetic ear Also does give you someone to voice spiritual matters to if you feel you need it. Free, open to all and all part of my survival tricks of surviving physic hospitals.


Yeah I wasn’t targeting your situation @firemonkey -in My case, I hid my delusions from my doctor and it eventually backfired on me


i always say everything that is going on…how else are they going to help you !
i hand in probably 7 to 9 pages of written thoughts’ to my therapist every session.
she could create a book with what i have given her.( of course, not a very interesting book )
take care from :alien:


I definitely don’t want to tell them everything. I’m afraid of the outcome… Especially since I do have a family.

Granted, I do think some things help, such as explaining anxiety, if its gotten better or worse, but when it comes to talking of my schizophrenia - I start to stutter, get nervous, shaky, and reluctant to speak about it.