Discussing delusions with pdoc

Delusions are the hardest thing for me to talk about. How do you bring them up to your pdoc?


i just talk about everything that happens to me. I write it down in a notebook when something happens and i bring that with me to my pdoc. I think he recognizes the delusions when i’m talking.


I bring it up in person.
Over the phone and through text is not as effective for me.


I don’t get to discuss stuff with my pdoc. He reviews my file, asks how I am doing, and that’s it. He has so many to see in a day that he only has a few minutes. But he is very nice.


That’s sort of how mine is. It adds to the pressure and I’m never actually able to fully tell him how I am. But I like him and understand from his side. I just need to speak in broad general concepts rather than focusing on the minutiae.

I try to tell him most of everything that’s not embarrassing like when the voices push bad things

I tell my pdoc everything so she can figure out the best way to help me. I’m too shy to tell my husband or mom about my delusions but with my sister and pdoc I am open

I feel exactly the same. Especially as they feel so real. I just say, ‘that delusion’ and talk about how it affects me instead of talking about the actual delusion itself as that makes me feel worse

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Right! That’s a good tip.

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