How much do you share with your Psychiatrist?

Do you tell them everything? Are there things you avoid? If so what?

For example, I wish I had not talked about my mood/feelings about things in so much detail

Now he says I have depression.

This is a mistake I think.

I now have pressure to be medicated for it, but I don’t think this is the answer

My doctor is pretty good. He’ll listen but I’ll also listen to him and his suggestions. I’d share most things that are to do with sz and my depression. Other things I’ve other outlets for like friends etc. Basically we talk shop then it’s international cricket. My shrink does like his cricket.


@Joker about the depression, Can you tell your pDoc you don’t want to be on antidepressants?

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He kept saying to me it was wise. He used that word 10 times at least on the phone.

I told my CPN I wasn’t taking them, but the pdoc has not called.

Might not hear anything back.

Need to see if I can manage without them for a while.

Not sure how this will work, but the number of meds I take needs to reduce.

I criticised him a bit because my old pdoc had me on 2 meds, and until earlier this week, I was on 8!

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I definitely avoid talking about things that could lead to a hospitalisation


Whoa… yeah pDocs are all so different. i got my new pDoc just this last year, made some extreme changes, but luckily she’s pretty negotiable. Respects my concerns on meds. Like staying on benzos daily.

But yeah, I get why you want to know how best to work with your pDoc. 8 is a lot. I’m on 3 at the moment, but Ive had 6 at most.

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One time I mentioned to my pdoc that I gave a girl who was jonesing for heroin two of my Klonopin, and he took me off my Klonopin. That made me realize there is such a thing as too much openness with your pdoc.


Nothing. He can buy his own damn cookies.

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Well, I got high in the bathroom and then went into talk to my psychiatrist for an hour. He noticed immediately but I didn’t share my crack with anyone.

i tell my pdoc mostly everything these days… i used to be careful what i said before but since last psych ward stay i share most things cause i realized they need to know everything to be able to help me.


I say everything so he can help me more.


I don’t share much, no reason for them to know my whole life story.

nothing really going on that would interest them, I was surprised when they asked if I masturbate, not sure why they would need to know that

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I tell them 100% everything. But I normally just answer their questions.

They have never asked about my unusual beliefs so I’ve never really discussed them.


My pdoc seems obsessed with telling me about sexual side effects. I don’t care so much as no one has sex with me, so not bothered!


Yeah, caught me off guard when they asked, they also asked if I’m high risk for STD, even after I told them I don’t date and I’m alone 99% of the time

Yeah I remember my therapist smiled(this was a different life time ago) but he cracked a smile when I told him the ADHD drug Stratterra, caused me sexual side effects.

He knew I wasn’t sexually active and also it denoted (connoted?) that I was speaking plainly about masturbation. I guess thats all really ok.

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my psychiatrist doesn’t even bother to talk to me, he lets the nurse practitioner ask questions and he just listens in and if i say something interesting he will sometimes make a comment. i have a phone appointment on thursday and im wondering how open i should be about my thoughts to hang myself ive been having this last month. i have a trip to colorado planned at the end of the month and don’t want to be hospitalized, plus they may just put me on anti depressants, which from what i’ve read on here will only numb me, and i won’t have any emotions. i guess i just have to accept the lows i get, they are making a comeback recently after a few years of not having any suicidal ideation.


I haven’t met my current one yet. And I don’t know what it’ll be like.

My last one was on a need to know basis. He’d ask questions, I’d answer. That’s all really.

I don’t tell him anything. I don’t want to be medicated