Should I tell girl I'm kinda dating I'm sza

She has concussion issues. I think she believes I have a perfect life. I hide my symptoms well. But I was going thru worse ■■■■ than she is now, 2 yrs ago. She needs to know if our relationship gonna work. Should I text her and tell her

Whatever makes you comfortable. If you feel this is the right moment I would tell her…


This is a common question here. You can check out the past discussions too…


whenever you feel comfortable about it.

Hmm my answer would be, not before she is well invested in the relationship. It could be a deal breaker.

I would do it in person, not over text, but that’s just me. I think you will be able to know when the right time is to tell her. I like doing it near the beginning. Usually when I’ve know them for a few days, so they can see I’m a good person and functional. Then I tell them and hopefully broaden their view of what mental illness actually looks like.


Yeah, if you’re going to tell her, definitely do it in person. Texting would be easier but for an issue this important to the relationship it needs to be done in person.

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I always feel a bit odd when this one comes up… I blurted it out there many times…

there was time I would say it right off on the first meeting… if the person ran away… then I didn’t just get attached to a person who was going to leave.

The relationship I’m now… I blurted it out there and the person is still here.

But for others… I can understand how it might be better to develop a friendship and a connection before telling.

If you want her to take you seriously, best do it in person.

Good luck


I told my wife early on in our relationship - think several weeks in. Just asked her, “mind if I dump the skeletons out of my closet now so I don’t surprise/hurt you later?” She still married me.



She is going to have know at some point right?

I keep telling everyone that I have Paranoid type Schizophrenia

and my parents hide it because they are worried about HUMILIATION.

I think we are surrounded by lots of lots of WAR MONGERING EVIL PEOPLE

who never give up their evil status and they continue to do

more and more evil so telling truth means either they

continue to do evil or they just succumb to the truth.

I actually told her yesterday and she said she was glad I trusted her…I think it helped our relationship. I’m happy.


That is nefarious but good thinking

What’s the saying, All is fair in love and war?

Maybe NOW you understand

let it come up. “what are those pills for?” “Oh, i have some mental health crap” believe me, she likely won’t ask. people aren’t interested in other people’s health problems. my experience is that i remind people i’m crazy to explain things.

Peace t

I think she has a right to know (about a mental health diagnosis)…a mate from among the fellow mentally ill/sz might be nice…