Should I take an IQ test?

Andy Warhol had an IQ of 80-90. He is a genius.


And the iq tests are broken anyway since they borrow from mathematical concepts they’re patterns.

If one knew mathematics more then the other they would easily score more on them.

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@anon28864342 You really knowledgeable in a lot of topics, interesting.

@Crystal-Cotton you seem to be really sharp, and your interests in math and science makes me think you will score well on an IQ test.


Thank you kev.

I once told my psychologist i could be a guru if i had a strong enough belief and stability off meds.

He said that a lot of them today would probably been on medicine :joy:


Having interacted with her before I know that her maths ability is way above average.

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I totally see that.

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What is that in terms of IQ

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I average 133-134 on numerical tests, and you’re definitely better than I am.

So I could join Mensa or not?

Can’t say for certain, but there’s a good chance,IMO,you could.

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I think the IQ’s of schizophrenics can vary over time. Just a thought.

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Possibly, depending on how they are doing symptoms wise.

WAIS is not like the cheap and free IQ tests online. It is much less reliant on mathematical ability. But even so, mathematical ability is among the best predictors of intellectual ability in other areas, and more representative of actual intelligence than most other abilities.

You are right that IQ tests are not very comprehensive in measuring all kinds of intelligence. But this is not because they are broken, it’s because they’re not meant to tell you exactly how smart you are in all areas. They’re meant to reliably find the people who have special needs of some kind because of high or low intelligence. A lot of abilities that are related to intelligence can not be very reliably measured, and including these abilities in IQ tests would make the tests less reliable and less useful.

IQ scores are not an objective score for your overall intelligence, but they weren’t meant to be. Our culture is just obsessed with the tests because intelligence is so important to us, and we tend to not fully understand what their actual purpose and meaning is.

@Crystal-Cotton if the psychologist wants you to take the test, you should take it. If they just offered it, you should take it if you feel it could answer some questions for you. But you might be disappointed and should prepare for that.

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I asked about the testing and they said they will do it maybe when I get out of the psych ward

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I took an IQ test (WPPSI-R) when I was about 4-5yo
I scored below average in most areas but the FSIQ was average

Then I scored FSIQ well above average/superior when I was 14-15
Does that even make sense? @firemonkey

IQ Is Not Fixed in the Teenage Brain

Study finds brain structure and IQ can change during adolescence

Science | AAAS.

Yes, the WPPSI, especially at a young age, is not very predictive of adult intelligence, and motivation, test subjects (which are somewhat different im WPPSI and WAIS) and errors in administration can all affect your score. It’s impossible to know what caused the difference. It could just be your normal development.

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It’s funny because I scored ”below 70” in a subtest and 110-120 on the same subtest 10 years later

That’s a very large difference, but it could be a number of things, and it’s normal that children have large bursts of improvement in specific areas.

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