How to get IQ tested?

I want to take the WISC-IV but idk how.
Even the official Mensa test would be ok but there’s no testing due to covid19

When you press like you got a high IQ.:grinning:

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What do you mean

I was tested by a neuropsychologist in mental hospital. My psychiatrist requested it so ask your psychiatrist?

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I think you can also ask a psychologist.

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I don’t have a psychologist so i need to ask my psych

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What difference in your life would it be to know your IQ ?

I just wanna see my current IQ
i have been tested 2 times and never got a number as a result

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This is outrageous. You got all rights to the number. Mental health methods got a lot to anwer and explaining to do, but its so much easier to medicate. Why bother ?

Yesh :confused:

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Very true :+1: :slight_smile:

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Anyone knows? :confused:

I f you can’t get a supervised test then a test measuring vocabulary(in your native language) + arithmetical ability would give a reasonable estimation of what is(+/-5 of the result you get)

Someone posted an IQ test on this site a few years ago. Most of the people here scored high on it. I think a couple of people scored above 150. I scored 136 myself. I bet that if you checked around on the internet you could come up with a number of IQ tests. Schizophrenics as a group tend to score lower than average, but I think there is a subset of sz’s that scores above average. Every so often a very intelligent person passes through at the assisted living center where I live. There was a book published a few decades ago titled “Emotional Intelligence”. It said that traits like patience, persistence, social dexterity, and altruism are a better predictor of success than IQ.

See tests by Xavier Jouve . He is/was a qualified psychometrician, but has been off the IQ radar for several years.

There are official iq tests online that qualify for entrance to Mensa, like Stanford and Binet, that you pay for.

I had one in school

I aimed for the absolute lowest i could go. I actually think i failed it and landed in the brackets of beyond dumb.

Smoking weed was more fun than school, if there was a slight chance i was average, i didnt want any pressure from my parents or teachers. Scoring an F, my family had a party for me ! :rofl:

I even got the chance of attending a private home school, where i only went to school at 9 and finished at 1. Just surfed all day !

There isn’t any online tests for vocabulary :confused:

Link? :confused: