Should I keep taking Strattera?

I’ve gotten off Strattera after it failed to help my depression and focus issues. It also made me sex crazed. That’s what I recall it doing before, and it made me lose weight. That was why I wanted to take it, lol. The problem is that it’s not killing my appetite anyways, in fact I ate less when I stopped taking it. It’s just boosting my metabolism possibly.

I need to get on a stimulant that will help with weight loss and motivation. I think I should go back on Vyvanse, but I’ve been told it can make people psychotic. The thing is, it didn’t make me psychotic anymore than Strattera did. Strattera made me hear voices, and become more creative.

Schizophrenics shouldnt be on that ■■■■. ADHD medications and weight loss pills are basically low doses of speed. Literally. That’s probably the second worse thing for one of us behind hallucinogens.

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I didn’t know that. The thing is, I wasn’t able to drive before I got on a stimulant and suddenly I had enough energy and speed to pay attention while driving. I drive 10x better on adderall when I drive. I drove out of the NYC tunnel and NJ turnpike on adderall, then I had to guess my way home from York PA to my house. It helped a ton for that situation.

I am wary about them though. Like, If they really are like low doses of speed that couldn’t be healthy for anyone in the long run let alone someone with bipolar or schizophrenia.

But on Abilify alone I get stuck in the same amotivational cycle. My life becomes bleak emotion and attention-wise. It helps with the depression a little, and with the psychosis and mania, but it doesn’t help me with facing challenges and it stifles my abilities.

Yeah I am surprised a psychiatrist gave you them. Does he know you’re schizophrenic? I just drink caffeine and take preworkout drink supplements to counter my sedation. I still sleep really hard and am comatose before my coffee in the morning.

In fact im about to drink two scoops of C4 and hit the gym with an old friend. It’s got caffeine and creatine and nitric oxide and other crap that jacks you up and increases physical performance.

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Yeah, if all else fails caffeine helps. I started getting manic on Strattera. Like, it’s hard to describe but I basically realized I was rapid cycling on it.

Funny you should mention this. My pdoc just put me on Strattera to help with concentration, depression and weight loss. I’m dx schizoaffective. Been on it a week without seeing any results so far.

Ya I stopped taking it.

Just finished week 2 of taking Strattera and boy has it kicked in. I haven’t had this much energy in weeks (good stuff if that’s whats making me feel so good). I talked with my T about this stuff. Its not Speed like Ritalin and other stuff for ADHD is. Straterra is a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (NRI). So its not like speed at all. It messes with Norepinephrine, Seratonin and Dopamine, so its great for depression and anxiety too! On the downside I think its been giving me really vivid bad dreams.

Same here, I started seeing bloody images and feeling like a moron. I stopped taking it, and I’m on Buspar and cutting back on the Abilify. I actually took the full dose even though the doctor was tapering me off it, but I think the full dose is just fine honestly…IDK. I like Abilify she was right.