Stratttera headaches vs antipsychotics

Every morning i wake up with a migraine. It’s been over a month since a started Strattera. It happens every morning before I take the 25mgs. I told my psychiatrist he asked if I wanted to Increase dose lol. I went to doctor she prescribed topomax 25mgs at night. So it worked I guess but no more energy and the whole point of Strattera is to help me focus and feel motivated. I slept all day yesterday The induced mania was less bad but then I was hearing whispers as I fell asleep.

I’m starting classes in the fall. If I can’t successfully withdraw from all the medications idk what I’ll do I can’t live like this.

I dropped my specialization in rehab bcz of my sz but I still got my physiotherapy degree.

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Strattera can make me tired in the beginning. I read that Strattera only gives you motivation focus when you actually try/initiate and do the work in the first place, unlike stimulants like Adderall. They work differently.

I dont get headaches. Could be the Topamax.

Strattera won’t be a magic pill. There are none.

Good luck with classes though.

I take 40 mg I think…

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It has been helping me focus and with motivation. I don’t know what to do. I could stop the headaches with topomax and add more side effects. Or I could decrease the anti psychotics. Since Strattera and aristada both increase dopamine. I’m sad. I think all my issues were induced. I’ve gained 50 pounds since starting injections.

Not a good idea to reduce aps bcz your other meds increase dopamine. Aps decrease dopamine, raising it might cause psychosis.

I lost all my weight on topamax. I found an article saying topamax can reduce/counter AP weight gain. Its also for seizures and mood disorders i think. I prefer Lamictal.

I think I went psychotic/insane on topamax…I also had an mri at the time. I started getting paranoid and delusional in 2015. Worst time of my life.

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Ok I should probably continue with the topomax at night then. It did get rid of my headaches. I will have to work to overcome the drowsiness. Strattera gives me insomnia and makes me focused and I feel like I get a lot accomplished on it. Topamax is the only thing that I could take with Strattera that doesn’t interact with strattera. The doctor said she could give me blood pressure medication, beta-blockers, migraine medicine, but she said the topomax would be the most effective and least dangerous and to try that first.

It’s also good for migraines I think too, right? I got diagnosed with chronic migraines and had brain damage because of my migraines.

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I looked that up. Abilify is a dopamine stabilizer. Meaning it increases dopamine where you need it and decreases it when it’s too much/overactive. So basically it regulates the dopamine it both blocks and increases it.

Really? I read migrain is caused by abnormality in brain arteries and capillaries. My mother had extreme migraine, she would isolate in a dark room and yell from pain, she sees flashing lights etc. She’s still an accountant after suffering from extreme migrain for 40 years.


I think either I had a super rare side effect from topamax (psychosis) or I ended up getting bizzare, paranoid memories and past life recall from the combination of topamax and an MRI! I couldn’t see outside my head because of severe DP/DR (trauma induced dissociation) and I started being able to see and get less dissocated from Topamax. It got to the point, I was messing with my electrical outlets because I thought I was being spied on or listened too because of the power/phone/ethernet thing/wires. Same thing with the fan above my room. I thought everything was bugged. I would hear my thoughts (no auditory hallucinations or voices) and think I could hear people talk about me from far away and they could listen and sense my movements. I also thought I had thermal cameras in the walls because my step father put sensors in there and is an electrical engineer and he used them to take temperatures in the whole house.

Thats what the radiologist and neurologist said. Personally, I think it’s something else.

Migraines can cause brain damage? Like the strattera is causing the migraines. That fact has been established. The only reason I want to keep taking it is so I can take a class in the fall. I’m all stressed out because I have until august and I can either withdraw from the strattera and try to combat the headaches with topamax hopefully the headaches will go away…or I can keep taking strattera and risk things like brain damage…or I can stop taking the abilify but I dont think thats an option right now. SO I dont know. I just feel like the more I cooperate with the system the more it’s been destroying me I’m frustrated.

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My mother got injected with something in the back of her brain by our family Dr and she stopped having migraines after 40 years.

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Well, I have a white spot on my frontal lobe and they said it’s MOST LIKELY from chronic migraines. I don’t know. It’s a 3mm white hyperintensity (white matter) thing. It could be other things but they told me that. I drink a lot of caffeine too so there’s that.

I have been drinking coffee every morning. But just one cup or so.

Yeah the whole thing is a mess. I’m pretty sure both strattera and topamax increased my hallucinations. I also wasn’t having them before I went on Abilify so I have some retrospect.

I started Abilify because I was having problems with addiction and I wanted to become stable. The Strattera has been a miracle. I don’t want to go on anything else because it stopped me from craving drugs and has kept me clean for over a year.

But the headaches really are annoying. My mom said she feels like she has her daughter back.

Abilify is known to cause multiple addictions and hypersexuality.

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Try water and tylonal or something?

I know. You’ve said this before. I have taken abilify for fifteen years. And to be honest YES before I ever had drug addiction issues I had been forced to be compliant with abilify… It was easy to start using drugs once I turned eighteen and try to fix my brain without being told I was a chronic schizophrenic. Weed worked the best for me. But I can’t use drugs anymore. I would probably smoke weed if it worked anymore, but it makes me feel sick now.

And until weed is legal I won’t smoke it so I can get a job or pass a drug test. Even CBD can get to to fail a drug test. I know someone who lost her job from CBD.

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