Anyone tried strattera?

I am thinking of trying strattera for negative symptoms. Anyone have any experiences, what was it like? Do u get a buzz like u do with stimulant adhd meds?

Yes I have tried strattera.

Strattera improved my memory. I was able to recall stuff from my memory very quickly.

I developed high anxiety and tremors on it.

I had to discontinue it for some reasons. I may try it again in future. If you are looking to improve your cognitive symptoms, there are options available such as - modafinil, memantine. Modafinil may worsen psychosis in some people though

I tried Strattera. It was great. Like @clinic says it improved memory and attention. But I too developed wicked anxiety and had to stop taking it. I’ve also tried provigil. This was another great med, this one was more stimulating I felt like I had more energy for the day and motivation. I had problems finding the right dose, too much I felt sick-like, too little I got fatigued about mid-day. My pdoc and I put this med on hold for when I start working soon (I hope) and then we’ll probably try it again. I’ve been taking donepezil for about 2 years, similar but different than memantine. When I told my GP that I was taking it she got all excited because it should slow or stop the degenerative effects of sza on the brain or so she said, my pdoc never explained this to me. When I first started taking this my brain was slower and duller. I noticed the effects in my schoolwork because I got better grades and could process the information and recall it more. These all worked well with my AP Saphris with no interactions or side effects like onset of psychosis and they probably helped my depression because I am more productive when I am taking them and well.

The more I write and think about it my pdoc is kind of a pill pusher. Have a problem, here’s a pill. Side effect, here’s another pill. But then he also spends about anywhere from 15-45minutes with me depending on my needs and we do a little bit of therapy talk too. I really like him. We have a good rapport.

I tried strattera. It made me depressed and naseaus but did give me a little energy and weightloss of about 3 lbs. Other than that it didnt really work. Its well known for taking 3 months to work or not working at all.

Yikes, I don’t think I could handle more anxiety, two cups of coffee send me over the edge. I’m not looking for a stimulant cuz it seems only the high helps and that runs out after u build up tollerance.

When I was 24, my Dad thought that it would be a good idea for me to get off my psych meds. I decided to wean off the Cymbalta I was taking for extreme anxiety. When I was off, I went into a meeting with my psychiatrist planning on getting back on it because I was losing the ability to think clearly and becoming increasingly anxious. That’s when he said, “there might be something better for you called Strattera.” I decided to go with it because I had heard that it was helpful for attention deficit disorder, which he had diagnosed me with without knowing anything about me or asking for a medical history.

Well, to make a long story short, it so screwed with me that to this day I can’t think or feel properly the way I used to. It feels terrible.

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I’m scratching my head about memantine being good for schizophrenia because it’s an nmda antagonist. I thought the nmda agonists are what’s beneficial. I’m taking longvida curcumin because it’s an nmda agonist that improves cognitive function, so is rapastinel … Maybe I’m misunderstanding the meaning and they’re not really opposites.