Does straterra cause psychosis like adderall?

I need to lose weight and I need help focusing. Is straterra just as bad as adderall?

Straterra works =very= differently than Adderal. See below.

Strattera’s mechanism of action is not neurostimulative, and thus not as dangerous for those who have psychotic disorders. But as a weight-loss med, it’s only proven efficacy is for morbidly obese, binge-eating females… which makes sense because of its mechanism of action. See…

I was on strattera for a time. It did not bring back the psychosis but I did get really anxious and had to stop taking it. I did lose some weight but probably because it’s so activating. It gave me motivation to do stuff like study and get moving so I started burning calories and eating less, the binge eating notmoses talked about. Then about a year later I tried it again with the same results with wicked anxiety.

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I might have done better to explain that Adderall stimulates directly and Strattera stimulates INdirectly by blocking “calming” or “soothing” norepinephrine flow. Both “mess with” the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in attempts to get it back into balance, but the ways in which they do it are just plain “crude,” as is pretty much the case with most psych meds. Sigh. (And why many keep promoting psychotherapy as the “better” way to balance the ANS because effective p/t is much more “accurately” targeting.

For what @cactustomato is up against, these p/t’s seem likely to be beneficial, though you’re probably looking at a year or more before weight loss results. They are all very good at increasing “focus” in pretty short order, however. And most of them can be done with cheap workbooks.

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I was told by my doc strattera would not work for people with our condition. Let me know if yours has a different opinion.

My doctor said the same thing but I have the gene for schizophrenia and ADD so I’m hoping to get some benefit.

Suggestion: Keep senses focused on your body to look for agitation and /or irritability.

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