Should I have a baby?

I know the later you conceive, the greater chance for birth defects.

I have ovaries and can bear children but I have no desire to.

Plus kids are just… way too much and I’m way too disabled to handle that kind of commitment.


I would like a kid sometimes but it’s not realistic. What kind of life can you give it. Will it live in poverty.

I won’t have kids unless my financial situation improves immensely, like I win the lottery or something. I would feel bad not being able to give my kids the latest toys, good food, fashionable clothes, etc… For me it would be selfish to have a kid just because I wanted one, and cruel to the kid because the kid lives a sh*tty life.

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I have a lot of kids. 6 in total. One is on her own and has 3 kids of her own at 27.

It’s hard as a mentally ill parent. So e days I just want to give up. Others I am blown away by how m7ch they love me.

It isn’t easy and the older you are, the less patience you have.

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If you really want a baby, I wouldn’t wait. A sperm donor might be a good idea or some good looking guy, you could have an affair with. There is an overpopulation problem, so I wouldn’t be obsessed with having a baby. It’s a lot of work and children really need a lot of attention.

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If you want to do it, and think you can handle it, you should.


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