What do you think of having kids in forties?

What do you think of having kids in forties? I’m 36. now and might wait till mid forties. Might freeze eggs. What do you think? Want gap between mental health and having child.


I think it could be ok.

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My fiance and I are in our mid 40s with no kids but we consider our nieces’ kids our grandkids and recently spent a day with them. Two adults and two three year olds. It was really fun but we were tired and sore the next day. It takes a toll on my 45 year old body and mind.


my reason for not having kids, other than i don’t have the energy for them, is im 36 now, and may not see their 30th birthday or meet my grandkids. im going to wait until my next life, fingers crossed.


Its definitely possible. A lot of my friends parents were older when they conceived. Its just more difficult.

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My parents were 43 and 40 when they had me. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages I’d say.

Ideally I believe in balance but if you’re not too “out of the loop” at your age it could be a very good thing. Maybe you found your balance ? And age can’t throw that in too much a loop. Good luck with whatever u choose.

My parents biggest weakness was their age because they are sorta aloof people in general.

On the contrary my parents didn’t grow up with wealthy means but they were able to establish themselves and be definitely socioeconomic fit to raise a good family.

That’s just my experience

Obviously yours may be very different but those are the biggest pros and cons to having baby’s late.

Usually the babies of older parents are fairly mature too. Unless Something impedes that. It’s definitely not necessarily true.

And this shouldn’t stop u either, but my dad has serious health problems and I am still pretty young. Just my POV as a child of an old parent

I know it was easy to question why I was ever born. Because I almost wasn’t. When Ive got really depressed and irritable in psychosis I ask why they ever had me.

Just some things to think about

I hope you do have a child if u can. Ttyl


I think it would be fun to have kids after 40.

The older you are (as a women) the great the increase of problems, like down syndrome and other things, even 36 is pushing it.

If you have kids at 45 will you have the energy to raise them? When they are 5-15 years old and a handful to deal with you’ll be getting older, in your 50’s.

I’m (male) in my 40’s and I will probably not have kids. To much stress having schizophrenia, I don’t have the money to treat a kid the way I would want to, and I don’t think I have the energy to deal with a toddler full of energy, etc… If I won the lottery then maybe I would change my mind.

No way would I. I had my youngest at 35 and am 45 now. My patience is way shorter than in my 20s and 30s. The kids wear me out daily.


One of my closest friends had her last child at 43.

She had a normal pregnancy, normal baby,

She said she was more exhausted that time around.

But that was the only other difference than her other kids.

I think if you want to have a baby in your mid forties you should go for it.

You’re smart to plan.


Might be hard to change them. I’d go with a month old.


@77nick77 You smart ass :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sometimes I think about fostering and/or adopting an older child in my 40s, though I worry that I’ll be too tired and impatient by then. I also feel like I’m constantly working to reduce the stress in my life so not sure kids are the best choice.

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Have kids at whatever age you want, everyone has a million opinions on if you should or shouldn’t, do what you want, the only thing I’m personally concerned about is passing sz on to a child.


Im concerned about that too, I dont want a violent kid like I was off meds, he might even kill me.


I dont want kids, I want cats. Lol


I want cats too but my parents wont let me as i live with them.

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For men, having kids during forties years of age is fine but women should give birth between 25-35 years of age. For women who give birth between 20-25 and 35-40 are considered to be in the 1st and 4th percentile in statistics. Statistical outliers are those teenage pregnancies and 40+ year old women.

I know several women who had kids after 40 with no issues at all. It does increase some risks but not substantially. Anyway it isn’t anyone else’s business other than the parents themselves. Maybe talk about it with your doctor and pdoc and see what advice they have to give. Wish you all the best


I’m 37 and just had my first. I would like another before I’m 40 but I don’t see a problem having kids in your 40’s.

I’m the opposite of @ZombieMombie ….in my 20’s I had no patience and I would never have dealt with kids. But in my 30’s I’m more patience.