Is 39 to old to have a baby?

I’m currently 36 nearly37 in a few months. I want a baby but want to have recovered for a while. Want to try at 39. Do you think this is to old?

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My best friend has her last kid at 43.

I don’t think 39 is too old.


I’m 36 and pregnant. I’ll be 37 when I give birth and I plan to have another. I don’t think it’s too old.


With children it’s time, energy and money.

And pushing 40 and giving birth…I think the odds of having a baby with possible defects are greater.

But this is just my opinion. You could very well have a healthy child as well.

Great good luck. Are you worried about being schizophrenic and having baby.

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My mum was 40 when she gave birth to my brother. I think it’s fine.


It’s fine, but as a mom who was older when the last one of mine was born, you may have less patience as they get older. I wish now that i had been younger.


I’m kind of an older Dad…I was 38 when my twins were born.

My wife was 34-35 years old when she gave birth. We always swore we wanted two, and BAM!..instant family!

And that was it. We never thought of having another.


It’s considered high risk. But you could meet with an Obgyn before getting pregnant to see what she or he suggests

Does being schizophrenic ever get in the way of being a dad?

I have my ups and downs.

My daughters love me to the Moon and back…and the same goes for me to them.

They know I struggle at times. But I’ve always been their ‘silly daddy’…it’s all they know. They tell me that they won the lottery when they got me for a Dad, which makes me happy.


I know lots of people who had kids after 40 with no issues. There is a higher risk but not that much higher. As @Pianogal said just be in contact with your obgyn. They know best.


IDK if you’re too old. You’re generally still young. It’s just that the higher you get in years, I think the pregnancy and delivery might be a little more difficult. I don’t know the exact cutoff age to have a baby or not.

I think the biggest issue is lack of energy. Kids take a LOT of energy. If you’re in good shape with plenty of energy at 45 there’s no reason not to go for it.


Thank-you everyone for the insightful information this thread has provided. I would like to have a child with my long-distant girlfriend where we met at We are both schizophrenics and the information here has been helpful.


Especially if your kid had adhd


That’s not too old, but I wouldn’t wait.

I think that if you have a supportive partner it makes a world of difference during the pregnancy and in raising a child. So many women today are having children well into their forties due to having supportive partners. How exciting for you.


Emma had my daughter at 39. The midwifes i think just kept a closer eye on her. I dont think its too much of a problem these days.