Should I do it, smoke tobacco

My withdrawals are very strong, I have not smoked tobacco in two weeks, but now in this Friday evening, these withdrawals have become so bad that I may smoke some tobacco.

Get a cheap ecig.

Don’t do it! The withdrawls will pass, give it time!

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Nooooooo! just browse some pictures of yellow teeth, ugly lungs and wrinkles. you can also watch some youtube videos of what nicotine does to you, it might help to cease your desire.


Dont do it… progress will be lost and afterward you’ll prolly feel worse even if you felt good for a bit.

Thanks for all your positive posts, but I may still go to my local store and buy some tobacco and smoke it. :smiley:

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I know it’s hard… but if you want to quit… don’t smoke.

Congratulations on getting 2 weeks…

hopefully a walk around your nice town will help you keep your mind off smoking.

Don’t do it! I caved in myself a week ago, and I’m already back to a pack aday. Most disgusting habit that I have, nicotine is a monster.

my lebanese neighbour’s father passed away a couple days ago. he used to smoke 2 packs a day. after having a heart attack and surgery, he quit smoking. he used to cough everyday for hours and yellow stuff used to come out of his mouth, do you really want to be like that? :open_hands:

if you chew some nicotine gum, the desire will go away.

Don’t do it! Think of the money you’ll save. Think how your health will improve. At the assisted living center where I live you can see how sick tobacco has made so many people. One guy sits on the back porch and coughs up puddles of phlegm. He has a horrible smoker’s cough. I’ve seen him breathing oxygen and smoking a cigarette at the same time. (A lot of the people where I live have COPD and are on breathing machines.) He has cancer and he is going to die well before he reaches sixty. Soon he will go into the hospital and they will stick a breathing tube into his chest to drain the fluid in his lungs.

If it’s that bad, but nicotine patches. I wear a 14mg patch from right when I wake up to when I go to bed. Also, I found that exercise and mental stimulation (reading, studying, watching something entertaining, conversing with others) helps.

Two weeks is a good while. I suggest you do not smoke. I have caved in since I quit and smoked one cigarette on bad mornings or horrific nights. One is better than a whole pack, but none is best.

By the way, nicotine is as addictive as heroin.

I also find it hits hard at the 2 week point. I’m giving it another go and quit the night before lastnight. Wish me luck.

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I’m free of nicotine! It is really happy!



I would not go back to using tobacco - drink lots of water and exercise more.

If you’re really struggling try a vapor e-cig. I just got a new tank today after not vaping for months. I’m sure your town has a vapor shop. I love it. I have angel food cake e-liquid in mine and it even makes the house smell so good. When I do smoke a real cig I go outside because I don’t like the stale smoke smell, but e-cigs smell nice.

Anyway, yeah. Try a vapor pen if you really want to smoke. Nicotine and no tar build up.

Or just chew a toothpick. I’ve done that before and it was kinda helpful.

Quitting smoking is easy, I’ve done it a 1000 times.


In FACT, they will. All one has to do is look straight into the symptoms and observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept that they are just symptoms, and that they will occur less often and with less severity over time. But only if one doesn’t pick up again.

cc: @mjseu

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Are you cold turkey

Yeah I’d chime in with the ecig as a last resort

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You are right, tobacco causes all kinds of illnesses, I know at least four people who have died to lung cancer, one of these people was one dean of the business school in Michigan, he used to smoke his pipe in his office room, I did one interesting Soviet economy study with him, that was already 1989. It is interesting that even highly educated people like him, PhD in Economics from Yale, ignored tobacco warnings and smoked all the time.