Day one all over...yes I know I'm pitiful when it comes to cigarettes

I have been flirting with smoking again and now I have to put them down again…weak…any words of wisdom besides telling me to vape? I don’t want to vape.!


Imagine your mouth, throat, and lungs, now.

Imagine white teeth, better breath, and pink gums throat and lungs.

Do a 4 day countdown after you quit. Then the physical withdrawal will be over.

Take care of yourself. You deserve to become a non smoker.

YOU CAN DO THIS, @jukebox!


May I ask why you’re closed off to the idea of vaping?

Use the patch and the gum or lozenges. Make sure to exfoliate your upper arm where you’ll be placing the patch so it will stick really well and the nicotine can absorb. Start with the highest strength (21 mgs) and go for 8 weeks then step down to 14 mgs for 8 weeks, then 7 mgs for 8 weeks. That’s longer than they recommend but it’s better that way, it helps you break the habit. My old doctor started prescribing it that, and getting Medicaid to pay for it with special permission, and it works. Of course I used the gum a little to at first for nicotine fits, and still use some lozenges but no cigarettes.


I’ve cut way back on smoking and plan to not smoke starting when I wake up. I’ve been working on my triggers for about 3 weeks now so I think I’m ready. You can do this.

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It’s hard for me to even quite a day cant seem to do it I get intrusive thoughts about smoking all the time dont even feel the nicotine and more cant feel any drug matter of fact any more

Cigarette smoking is addictive, I come to terms I can’t overcome this addiction cause I am mentally to messed up. I wouldn’t have started in the first place with smoking when my life would have been functional.

Yes it would be wonderful if I could quit. But is it a reason to beat myself up for an addiction? That why it’s called addiction and not habbit. I have no problems with alcohol. I got bad asthma and have medical reasons to quit.

I’m on day 18. Cravings have subsided a fair amount. But I still struggle. I’m hoping by 3 week mark it will be better.
In the past I have used nicotine replacement but so far I haven’t used any. Cold Turkey. I suck on halls lozenges.
You aren’t pitiful. This is difficult.


Scour the internet (including YouTube) for advice and testimonials. Try anything that sounds plausible.

The book is a bit old, but many people have had success with it, try Alan Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

I’ve recently read the version of that book that deals with alcohol addiction and haven’t had a drink or even missed drinking for five days now. It is still early days for me though.

Good luck :+1:

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