Should I cut him out?

So I have a friend who lives on the other side of the country from me. He’s been a good family friend for a number of years. He’s 72 years old. Lately, I think his mind is starting to go, because he keeps calling me these crazy made-up names. All he does anymore is insult where I live and make fun of me. I’ve asked, then told, him to stop, but he keeps on at it. He comes up with these crazy plans (i.e., to open a marijuana smoke shop, start a company called Rent-A-Wife, and all this other bullshit) and he wants me to become a farmer. I think he is losing touch. But his mind seems to be intact, just incessant belittling of me. I’m tired of being made fun of. If I wanted people to make fun of me, I’d go back to school. As it stands, I am very frustrated and angry. I wish I wasn’t the butt of all his jokes. What should I do? I’m tired of being on the receiving end of all these “jokes.”


That sounds rough. It’s too bad after all of these years of being a good family friend that he’s turning into a jerk. I say cut him out temporarily. If he calls you back, and asks, why aren’t you calling him anymore, then tell him. Maybe if you ignore him for a while he’ll get the hint.


I agree with Caroline. Just politely tell him that as long as he is belittling you and insulting you that you will not be talking to him.

Tell him he is making you uncomfortable with the way he is talking to you.
Ask him why he feels the need to do this after all the years you’ve been friends.
Give him a little time to answer.
He may come to his senses, or, if necessary, you can part friends as long as his bad behavior continues, either way, the ball is back in his court to act more responsibly. Age is not an excuse to be mean.

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Sounds like he’s having the air headed ideas of the mentally ill.

I agree with all of the above. Definitely cut him out. You shouldn’t have to put up with such shabby treatment, “friend” or not.

At least the great distance between you might make it easier to do.

My grandfather turned really mean and vicious at age 64. Turned out his aggressive behavior was due to early dementia.

Thanks for the advice all. I have removed the man from my life. I don’t need that ■■■■.

that is not cool, but this might make you feel better…
a few ’ fine ’ examples’…
my sister in law’s husband calls her…
hummer arse
hummer hips
man back
chewbacka ( from star wars )
you look like the new dog ( irish wolf hound )

so she is feeling really good about her self today, he is a real arsehole and thinks it is funny !?!
she is actually tall and thin and goes to the gym everyday, and is none of those things, like i said he is an arsehole.
take care

Your poor sister in law. I hope things get better for her. She sounds like a nice person.

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Make it temporary.

Always so final with us isn’t it, just like when we were kids aren’t we, “your not my friend, forever!”

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yeah, she does not deserve it, and she is an amazing mother, though saying that no one deserves that stuff !
take care