Should I consider taking Geodon?

I may and probably will eventually end up taking a more weight neutral antipsychotic, one with a decent metabolic profile - so I may end up leaving taking Risperdal - too many metabolic/hormonal issues.

There are not a whole lot of choices, my pdoc mentioned Abilify (too stimulating for me). Latuda (too much of an antidepressant, scared of it inducing mania or anxiety). And Geodon.
I frankly do not know much about Geodon, is it relatively safe?
I hear that it can change your heart rhythm,this sounds a bit scary to me, is this a common and serious side effect?
Overall is it pretty safe? I hear mixed reviews

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I am on Geodon and I dont have really any problems with it. It works really good for me.

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Glad you are doing well on it, good to know this @mat3372 :smiley:

I’ve taken Geodon and Seroquel together for about ten years. I haven’t had any problem with them. Geodon is so much easier for me to tolerate than any of the typical medications were, especially Haldol. Drugs can work differently for different people, though. One time I talked to this one guy on the internet who was having a hard time with Geodon, and Haldol was easier for him to tolerate. That sure isn’t the case with me, or the great majority of sz’s.

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Thanks @crimby :smiley:

Every medication is, I think, worth a try if your doctor thinks it might help. If it doesn’t work for you - you can try something else. Everyone is different - so what works for you, might not be the medication for other people, and vise versa.

There are a lot of medications out there that can help.

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There is also another med you might want to look into - Fanapt (iloperidone). It’s similar to Geodon/Risperdal.

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Oh boy, I am the pfizer corporation sponsored â– â– â– â– , wait, I mean athlete and scholar, and Geodon in the only AP I am on right now. I just took my morning dose with breakfast.

It does have side effects. Akathisia may happen, I have it. No sexual or hormone problems, I just last pretty long with a condom on…that’s not inappropriate, you should know these sorts of things. It does change the heart rhythm, which will probably take years off of my life, but so does smoking and I do that too.

It doesnt sedate me that much. I mean I can tell I am on something and I sleep nine hours and have vivid dreams, but I just drink caffeine and do all sorts of things on this medication. If anything it has made me concentrate better because I am not experiencing as many symptoms. Well, not after I take my morning dose I am not. Don’t wanna see me when I wake up. It’s ugly.

You should give it a shot- it is known to be less sedating and weight neutral. I take 120mg a day, minimum effective dose for schizophrenia being 80mg and the max dose being 160mg.

Do take it with food, it has an eight hour half life that will just knock you out and have you wake up crazy if you dont delay the half life with a solid meal. It is supposed to be taken with breakfast and dinner, if your doc tries to give you it all at night, call him/her on it and say you’ve done your research.

It is the shield of the Almighty Mouse, while insight is his sword. A pretty huge sword. Most of the time I just put the shield on my back and use two hands to swing the over-sized sword.

If you want to know more, just ask. Also, you can’t stack many prescription drugs with Geodon, there is a lengthy list of no-no combinations in one of my books. Alcohol in moderation is fine with the drug, so is caffeine. Nicotine does lower the blood level of the drug, but unless you smoke over a pack a day you shouldn’t worry.


To answer your question, Geodon CAN affect the heart rhythm. You should get a baseline EKG done before going on it, and one every 6 months.

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