Anyone tried Geodon?


Do you like it and how have your experiences been like?


I’ve taken it for five years. After three years, my hallucinations stopped completely. When I was on higher doses, I was very drowsy, but now I’m not. You have to take the pill with at least 500 calories worth of food, or else it doesn’t absorb into your system properly. I lost 40 pounds when I switched to Geodon from Risperidone, but I slowly gained it all back.

Every med affects every person differently, so your experience might not be the same as mine.


I’ve been taking Geodon for many years. At first, it made me very, very sleepy. But after a while I got used to it. You have to take it with a meal. I take mine twice a day with breakfast and dinner.


I wanted to choose geodon after abilify but UK do not prescribe this one to my disappointment
I’m not a fan of taking twice a day but apart from that


I have been on it for years. You have to take it twice a day to be effective. I took it once a day for several years and was still very symptomatic but at twice a day it’s effective. It’s hard to get used to taking it in the morning because it makes you tired again but eventually you get used to it and it’s okay.

It’s a good med. Good luck.


I take geodon. I like it except I can’t sleep without putting myself in a food coma. I might change AP


Have you had any heart problems with it? It’s just I have tried every medication under the sun and this is one of the last ones I have to choose from.


When I was on a very high dose, I had a single instance of an arrhythmia, but at the hospital they deduced it was caused by too much salty food (all-you-can-eat sushi) and not my meds. But my doctor lowered the dose just to be safe, and I haven’t had a problem since. That was about two years ago.

I believe @MrSquirrel got heart problems after ten years on Geodon, but I might be misremembering.


I asked my pdoc to prescribe it to me and he refused. Said it wouldn’t work…


I took it years ago. I couldn’t sit still. Works for some folks :wink:


I took it for quite a few months. It didn’t do much for me and made it difficult to sleep. Your mileage may vary.


I do know medicaid doesn’t cover it, at least not in my state. When I lost my job and was on medicaid for a while, I was totally screwed. My doctor was able to do some fancy paperwork shuffling and got my worker’s comp to pay for it, but I had to get a lawyer and it was a whole headache.


My Medicaid actually covers it but I have tachycardia so I prob can’t have it anyways. I have to fax my doctor the medication and then my Medicaid lets me know if it’s approved or not.


Have you tried propanolol (inderal) for tachycardia? My dad had it and it worked for him


I have that so idk. I don’t take it


It made my brain function pretty.well.


I was born with the heart defects, doctor took me off Geodon because he was concerned it would make heart issues worse. Rexulti wasn’t doing it for me and I fought like hell to be put back on Geodon. Heart is doing as well as it can, all things considered.


That’s actually a huge relief for me. I had been worried about the long-term consequences, but it works so well for me that I think I’d also fight like hell to keep it. I haven’t hallucinated in over two years! And no weight gain, drowsiness, or sexual dysfunction!


I’ve taken Ziprasidone for about a year now. I took 80 mg twice daily, but i found that it didn’t manage all of my symptoms. I got a lot of breakthrough symptoms. I had no side effects from it though. It is supposed to be quite good and not causing you to pile on the weight. Even though it didn’t work that well for me, i would still recommend you give it a go.


It does make you very tired again after taking it in the morning. Especially if you are prone to waking too early in the morning like I am.