Geodon--is it good?

Is Geodon a good medication? Is it strong? How does it compare to Risperdal? I’m thinking about asking my doctor about it. What are your side effects? I heard it is good with weight gain. Please let me know if it is strong enough. Thanks.

I’ve taken Geodon and Seroquel together for over ten years. They’ve controlled my symptoms with a minimum of side effects. They’ve been good med’s for me. Anti-psychotic med’s can affect people differently, though.

I suffer from avolition from Risperdal and weight gain.

Geodon has a short half life so if you get psychotic symptoms regularly you need it twice a day. Side effects are minimal and it is a weight neutral drug, you might even lose weight on it. I have taken it for a long time

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Is it stronger than latuda? My doctor told me latuda is too weak for me.

Aye yup what the last poster said–it needs to be taken with breakfast and dinner and has low sedation and no weight gain. Problem is that it either makes some select people feel drunk and others just get akathisia (I have extreme akathisia).

Latuda has a low potency

■■■■ it. I’m going to just take my latuda and stop my Risperdal. My doctor wanted me to quit latuda and just stay on Risperdal but I can’t stand the lack of motivation and weight gain. I hope I don’t end up paranoid. I’m going to have to tell my doctor.

I added Latuda, I would begin to get psychotic between doses of Geodon and was thinking of switching to injections to overcome the tendancy. Instead my doctor added a low dose of Latuda and it has really smoothed out the edges nicely.

I can’t stand Risperdal anymore. It works wonder for my paranoia but I can’t stand how fat and ■■■■■■■ lazy I’ve become. I need to get a job.

Geodon had extreme side effects for me but I had great motivation and loss of appetite. I might go back to it after all. :neutral_face:

Talk to your P-doc. (The complexities of exogenous meeting endogenous pharmacology are way more complex than When Sally Met Harry.) Are the two meds largely cross-tolerant? Yes. Are they totally CT? No. And then there’s the whole matter what enzyme levels, blood component levels, other drug metabolites, genetics, epigenetics and states they encounter when they hit your gut, CV system, liver and brain cells. No two pts are even remotely alike. There are “understood parameters.” But it’s still a crapshoot. The BPG (“best practice guidelines”) on anti-Ps call for a review at two weeks when changing meds. So get a journal, make lots entries describing your experience, and take it with you the next time you see your prescriber.

Geodon is no stronger than Risperdal. Be very careful switching to Geodon. I take only 40mg ziprasidone for mild delusion.