What do you think of geodon.....is it any good

Is Geodon any good. Did it ease symptoms, what symptoms…also did it have any side effects.

If you suffer from cardiac or heart related issues, I would steer far away from this drug.

Geodon has the potential to mess with your heart rhythm and cause other cardiac related issues.

I did not consider taking it because of this.

With that said, there are quite a few people on board here that swear by its effectiveness - like all psych meds, its different for everyone

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I’ve taken Geodon with Seroquel for over ten years, and I’ve been mostly stable the whole time. They’re what works best for me, but like they say, results can vary from person to person.

I have a congenital heart condition and I take Geodon. The doc tried taking me off it because of that, but I didn’t enjoy the upsurge in voices or drooling that resulted from the switch to Abilify. The relief I get from Sz symptoms greatly outweighs the cardiac risk from the med. Even my doctor and cardiologist both think the risk is very minor.



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I took Geodon several years ago and it did absolutely nothing and I had this horrible side effect where my eyes blinked constantly and I couldn’t stop, a friend of mine was also on Geodon and the same thing happened to him. It stopped when I went off of it.

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As you can see it works well enough to stop positive symptoms by around 80-99%. I choose 80% because of side effects. It used to work like 95% at this dose but then I had a full blown relapse and it damaged my brain.

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Click on http://www.aafp.org/afp/2010/0301/p617.html. Scroll down to Table Three and use the sliders to move the contents up, down and sideways.

Geodon ziprasidone is just like any other anti-P: It works well for some and not for others because the molecular structure encounters the precise molecular expressions of the genetics and epigentics (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epigenetics) of the particular patient.

My rec: Find a board-certified psychopharmacologist and work with them to find the best medicinal fit for you, understanding that it may take a few hits and misses to get there. It did for me, but I am doing waaaaaaaay better now.

What other psych meds you take other then geoden?

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