Should I be desperate after my isolation of 20 years?

Tbh this fact about me, now hits me more and more…
This is very sad… I guess very few knew so much isolation and you can imagine how much demons I had because of this and still do :pensive:
I am sad, very sad… it’s also painful, very painful… for my body and head as well…
Are you all pals here shocked by so much isolation? I guess, now it’s harder because of it :smirk:
I now even have to talk again, now that I talked very few cause I was alone… yeah, it’s not human so much isolation I guess, but I had my reasons to gave up around my 20s…
But now I want to live. And luve happier… but will I succeed it with such a past of so much loneliness and isolation, is this even possible on this earth? I’ll be the freak of the company with all this, yeah :disappointed_relieved:
Anyway, I hope I wont die now from the consequences of my isolation, now that I want to live happier more than ever :disappointed_relieved: But maybe my friends think, that I am dying now because of this isolation…


No one?? How to continue living after this???
It wasnt human, no… idk if someone else knew this…
My ill friends irl even said, that they would have killed themselves in my place :disappointed_relieved:
Idk if I should continue living after this, I now question it… I risk to be a freak outside for some time, no one will want me with this past :pensive: I was a prisoner yeah…

My mother just said, that those thoughts are still my illness… but my isolation is a fact yeah…

Try having a therapist come to your home and working with you in baby steps.

I dont want a therapist…
He wont erase my 20 years of isolation…
Plus they all end up by saying, that I need to move now, while this is hard now…

No one can understand how alone I was, while I tried to remain a good person and even me, didn’t know how I’ll regret this. Cause now, to stand up again on my feet is soooooo hard yeah…
No one can beat my record :pensive:
It wasnt nice from my sz friend to hear, that she would have killed herself in my place :sweat:

Do you really think, that I can get back my life after 20 years of isolation??
I am not dying now, no???
Few answers here… yeah, some people think I am dying… I guess some of my symptoms are now related more to the loneliness and the isolation, not the sz :pensive:

I do think you can get your life back. Don’t give up

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Thanks pianogal :blush: I’ll pray, that I dont have now bad health consequences from the isolation and the passivity…
Maybe I progressed a bit mentally, so now I think of the death as a real possibility, not as my threatening before :smirk:

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Are you cut off from family and friends?

I have been isolated from my community friends wise, but I still have my parents I see.

Apart from that I see no one else socially.

It’s something I want the mental health services to sort out. They must have ways of getting people back into being integrated with other people.

They strive for recovery after all. This is a big piece that’s missing

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Well, since 15 years, my mother was next to me but she lives in another flat in my building. I see her every day for about an hour, but the rest of the time, I am alone at my flat.
I talk now mostly to 2 other friends but they are ill too… and I hear them mostly on my phone…
In fact, it’s still me who refuses more socialization and more communication… between my body disorder and my mental screwed, I feel too bad often still. And I get very sad too around the others, cause it looks still to me, that I had it worst than others… yeah, I get mostly sad and lacking energy to even talk often…

I lost contact with other people I met with mental illness in hospital years ago.

Literally I have no friends at all.

This forum is my main socialising.

Kinda prefer it, as I think there is a bit more honesty here and people speak freely, as there is anonymity

Other people in the past have always taken advantage of my lack of social skills

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you can get your life back. start going for walks and just getting out in nature. nature will bring you back

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I enjoy isolation, what is preventing you from breaking out of it?

Negative schizophrenia symptoms are associated with brain inflammation. You need to do something about that.

My negatives, my conversion disorder and my sadness…

Maybe you can find some friends online? :slight_smile:

I have one now yeap :grinning: but I think, that he gets pissed off by my passivity lol :slight_smile:

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@Anna1, you have more friends than I ever did. All my life I either had only one friend or more often, zero friends. Right now, the only person I have in the world is my wife. My parents and my child are all dead and I’m not close to my two siblings.


Would you like to go to support groups for people with mental disorders?

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