How i am gonna to survive after all this?

ok,clearly, nobody didnt isolated himself from world for the last 15 years wchich is my case. i have 3 disorders-paranoid, depression and anxiety. probably more than this also,everything except the visual and auditive hallucinations… i am kinda of survival but i feel still very ill… how i am gonna get through this??? :cry:
15 years of isolation its not nothing folks…and now i am all alone in this trip :confused:

I’ve isolated myself for the past 6 years too since diagnosis. It sucks but i don’t want to be around people and i don’t want to go out.

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thank you seriously i am not so alone… i fight to become more normal,more human also… i cant love anymore,just delusions. yes, the other ones probably will judge us,some of them-not…thank you, i am not alone…

I know it is tough Anna, it really is. The way I cope is by being open about it. I always post stuff on my FB about mental illness and refer to myself as being mentally ill. If they judge you they are not worth your time. But, there will be people who care and will come around. As far as work, I don’t even bring it up, nobody needs to know.


two guys told me that at my place they would kill themselves… i am still fragile, i think about it, its not fair… my body is soo dysmorphe with my sedentarity :/… ■■■■…how ill gonna get out of this,i dont know anymore :confused:

plus,am i gonna to recover without sex? i cant do it right now… i had very few men in my life also…

I think you can recover.

Just seek therapy and open up. I did and it permanently changed my life and my reputation.

And about men, it’s easier to find a man than it is for a man to find a woman. I suggest just try online dating like okcupid or plenty of fish. Or Craigslist or tinder.

I met quite a few people I ended up getting intimate with online, and I’m a guy.

Besides that, you do need to find the right meds.


One thing at a time. Don’t rush into everything at the same time. Right meds, stable, then you can search for a partner. If you are a complete mess and try finding a partner you will get the wrong type of relationship and will be hurt.

Most of us tend to isolate. It’s a problem for most sz’s. Maybe you could do volunteer work. Check around for different support groups.

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I am also isolated. I find it to be a way of life now. I have no friends, have barely dated. Oh well.

I had a very active social life; my friends were my life. Now I have no offline friends and spend a lot of time behind the computer. I’m glued into it.

thank you to all. yes, the isolation doesnt help a lot but lots of sz do it i think :confused: yes,comatose,probably the right recipe is to make baby steps. i am not ready for relationship… i was too attached to an ex and was hating the other guys. i should relearn to love and to understand others…
yeap,i am a mess, i cant think properly,i am really confused without knowing what i want anymore :confused:my sz friend works,is often out there but she still has problems in love… i think she doesnt take her meds anymore also… its a big problem our schizophrenia. i dont know how is it in usa but here is hell(east europe).
kisses :slight_smile: