Should i ask my doc about psychologists tests

i wish I could get evaluated again

Is there some diagnosis that you disagree with? I have found that getting a second opinion only gets you diagnosed with more stuff and they don’t take earlier things off your records. I try to get out of testing since they just add things to your records and try to medicate you further.

In the US, you can do clinical trials and be tested and it doesn’t go on your medical records. I don’t know about the rest of the world.

i disagree with my psychosis diagnosis

I don’t know what happens in Finland when you question a diagnosis, but here you might get “lacks insight”. Here, if you cooperate for some period of time, you might get “in remission”.

yes they say I lack insight

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Okay, so if you have insight, prove it to them.

If you really have insight then you know you better than anyone. Tell them your symptoms, be honest, and then tell them what you think your diagnosis should be. If you present your argument intelligently and it makes sense they will be inclined to agree with you.

I diagnosed myself with akathisia, and I chose my own medication for it. My pdoc was on vacation at the time. When he got back I told him everything and he agreed with me, I didn’t have a problem. I have insight and he knows it.

There are personality tests, iq tests and other tests online. Take them with a grain of salt but they can give you a rough approximation of who you are. Use that to help formulate your ideas and then discuss with your doctors.

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