Gp visit today

Like always I’m gonna ask her if she can take me off meds and she’s gonna say no. I want a reevaluation but how? They don’t listen. They say maybe in a couple of years. I mean I’ve been free of psychosis 5.5 years. That’s got to mean I don’t have it.

I feel you. Sometimes I think I never had psychosis.

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If you don’t have psychosis while on meds, that doesn’t mean you are cured.
If you stop your medication, your psychosis will re-appear. That’s why your GP stops you from gettting off meds.

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I might just go for a private reevaluation.

I usually find it more effective to tell them that you’re going to do something as opposed to ask for permission.

I’d try saying, “I’m going off my medications to see if they’re still necessary, can you advise me on the safest way to do this?” Although they’ll be against you going off the medications, they should advise you to slowly wean yourself off once they see that you’re not asking permission and are determined to go off. At the very least, you should be able to determine the minimal amount of medication that you need to be symptom free.

For various reasons doctor’s aren’t going to suggest that you go off medications after getting a serious dx like sz.

If things went badly and you went psychotic after they said you could go off, you could possibly sue them. Also, if it turns out you were misdiagnosed and didn’t need meds, then you wouldn’t have to see them anymore, which means they would no longer get money from you. Basically, it’s not in the doctor’s personal interest for you to ever completely get off meds so I’d be surprised if they would ever give you permission to try it.

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