Shook things up a little

I only worked two hours today because I had a medical appointment to go to. So the day was kind of weird.

I drove to the hospital and checked in and waited. I had to get a “scan” in Radiology. Basically, they give me a large cup of some Chrsytal Light mixed with some chemical, then they inject some other chemical by IV, and had me sit in a small room for 45 minutes while all that crap went through my bloodstream.

Then I was put in some bit scanning machine for an hour to take pictures of all my organs to see if I had cancer. I fell asleep in the little room because I was tired and it was warm and quiet. I was having some weird dreams and when the nurse walked in I jumped in surprise. It was kind of weird.

But yeah, this is the first step. Tomorrow I go with my sisters to the cancer clinic at Stanford University (go Cardinals) to get an official diagnosis. The trouble started with a little lump on my head, so my dermatologist referred me to Stanford. The good news is that whatever is wrong with me is not life threatening. So I have to go to the stupid hospital on my day off tomorrow. It might be cancer; it might not. I shall see.


Wishing you all the best.


Good luck,

Keep us posted!


Good luck! Positive vibes your way!

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I Wish you well @77nick77.

:pray: That it’s nothing cancerous.

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Good luck tomorrow!

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Wishing you the best of luck, I also have to go for bladder test for unknown pain, they ruled out kidney stones, and anything they could see by ultra sound

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Hoping for the best outcome! Keep on keeping on!

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I hope you will be ok

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I hope everything turns out OK. @77nick77 I’m glad your sisters are going with you to your medical appointment.


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