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So my wonderful therapist might read this and figure out who she is one day. Check this out everybody. I had to explain to my therapist after a year of therapy that I am indeed sick. I had to literally explain that YES I BELIEVE IN DELUSIONS. I’m so normal that they think I’m not sick. This is what Ive been afraid of. Is it me or is it her? Idk but I have to explain how freaking sick I am every time I talk to her that I guess I really should consider a new therapist even though I don’t want to start over. Ugh!

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Yes I am doubting my therapist of 3 months can actually help me. But my pDoc and Caseworker wants me to get therapy. I feel like they don’t understand Schizophrenia. Frustrated.

Sorry you are having this terrible experience with your Therapist.

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How did you peeps find your therapists?

@Inezinez. And @Kxev. I’m sorry y’all are having a hard time… I guess I’m lucky that I have only had ones that believe me… Although I am gonna be switching between three different therapists this year and I’m scared… The one I’m with put in her two week notice so I’m getting a new one then and also I’m probably gonna switch when my insurance changes after I get married in May… Lots of fear here guys… Lots of fear


@Twialine Yeah I hope you get a good one. This is my second therapist this year. My first one was even worst, just telling me to be positive like a self help book. I asked for a new one and got the one I have now. I really don’t want to try another one. Yeah lots of fear is right.


@anon39015889 For me, My pDoc recommends therapists for me. They all work together with my caseworker. I get healthcare through Kaiser Permanente if you heard of them. It’s an HMO, so I can’t ask for anyone out of their system.

My therapist is in the same building/ organization as my pdoc.

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