She is 24, i am 51

… and so stupid i went on a date with her, cause we are both “schizotypical disordered in our minds”
She smoked weed. I had a beer. The sun was shining.
She wanted sex, i was embarrassed, so we parted just after.

Now i’m more alone than before, and so is she. But quite nice to talk with someone having this strange disorder.

Maybe i should meet her again?

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At 24, I would say the ick factor of dating someone much younger goes away. By 24 she already has enough life experience to know if she wants to date an older guy.

I don’t have issues with age gaps like that if it’s short term dating but not for long term dating.

Cos I don’t want them to die on me etc. And then I’m alone

Just stay away from weed. It worsens SZ for you and her.


Yeah, alcohol is bad for us, also.


I personally would not risk it with alcohol nor weed. I mean I’m not even into sugar and wheat eve though I eat it and some other secret food items I’m trying to stop that

If you are into that thing. I know a lot of guys would be.

I think the age gap is to much for me, i have had girlfriends that was 10 years younger, but 25 years younger and i felt like a father to her, and it was not very sexy.

And i did not smoke any weed, it makes me crazy… just had beer, even i know its wrong. Just to calm my nerves.

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But still, she was a woman IRL, so maybe if I meet her again? Just thinking loud now… I don’t know, she had a lot of skeletons in her closet. I think i will meet her again, just talk about our disordered minds, she was talking with angels, i was looking at signs meaning something. That much we had in common.

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If you enjoy each others company :slight_smile:

But poor thing weed might not be helping. Is she medicated?


Yes she is, but she is abusing weeds heavily, and she want’s to quit. I’m having relapses in to opiates occasionally so we might be a match made in hell.

I said nothing about my own occasionally relapses, on the contrary i said to her to wean of the weed, and she really tries… it’s a pity so many SZ are having a problem with weed. Maybe it’s due to the dopamine suppression of the AP drugs.

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I was 25 and my wife was 47 when we first met in hospital . The older man getting a much younger,female, partner is taken as proof of virility, but the reverse situation comes in for a lot more negativity.


No, i think the opposite -

when an old man meets a young girl, it’s somehow dirty.
when an older woman meets a young guy, it’s pure love and affection and looked upon like cute.

Sounds like my dads wife she is younger than my sister 30 I believe and my dad is in his late fifties

From about 35 to 40 there were two women straight out of college who liked me a lot but I was not in a good position in life living with my mother, and not being able to drive. I recognize now that I could have had a short term relationship with either of them as a companion. But more complicated stuff like marriage and children were just not good ideas. I assumed therefore it wouldn’t work and didn’t give either a chance to happen. I kinda wished I had opened up to them about my true situation and seen if they were still interested but as I see other people struggle with heartbreak, marriage and accidental children I have fewer regrets.

You have to be careful of the people you hang around with if you’re in danger of relapsing.

There’s nothing wrong with the age gap but she could be a bad influence on you.


I know, it was reason i said nothing to her about my vulnerability, because she was a lot more in to drugs than i have ever been and she urged me to smoke weed.

Its not that often i relapse compared to when i was younger… Well i don’t think i will meet her again anyway, she was to young.

I can find another sz disordered mind to talk with.

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Age doesn’t mean much as long as the both of you are consenting adults. My GF is 31 years older than me. But she is my best friend and we have always gotten along regardless of the difference in age.


Damn,. You’re 51 and a 24 year old wants to sleep with you? Poor guy, life is rough.
Last time something that bad happened to me was when I was hospitalized 4 years ago for feeling suicidal.