Hindsight is 20/20. making sense of my life

I see now that I have hurt my girlfriend over and over and it is now finally obvious that all my drinking and drugging has kept me delusional. Since this last altercation that nearly broke us up I see that either I am delusional or I’m just a real pain in the neck to be in a relationship with. Angie has fully embraced me again as her boyfriend and I look forward to the Thanksgiving dinner coming up. We are going to cook together. She will be home four days off from work and for Christmas she gets off like ten days so I’m looking forward to quality time with her finally. Seems she’s always at work the poor dear. and she works so hard when she is there. I can’t believe I’ve stopped smoking. It’s been a month now and I feel so good about it. There is so much more money now and I am able to help Angie take care of the dogs health costs with the vet. stuff like that.


glad your back with your gf and congrats on the smoking front :thumbsup:

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I always thought that your pot smoking was not good for you. Sounds like you’re seen the light! Being in a relationship and working on it is way better than doing drugs. In AA they call it “coming out of the fog”. Good luck jukebox.

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@SnowyOwl1 my ex wife was a pot smoker too and our vice drove us in the ground. I have been flirting with it not near as much with pot as when I was with my ex wife. she still does it and it still ruins her life. I am glad I’m rid of it. @77nick77 thank you.

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What you’re doing is good. Congratulations. You’ve got more going for you than you think.



I’m glad things are starting to level out and work out. Good luck and I hope you have a great holiday.

Pot just messed with my perception of things and it amped up my paranoia in the end. Glad you were able to kick it.

Big congratulations on kicking the cigarettes. :thumbsup:

I also find that most of my insight is merely hindsight.