"Sex" and hearing voices

does anyone else find it difficult to have sex when you think people can hear your thoughts, like its really awkward and it just feels off, like your having sex infront of an audience, i have this problem and whats off putting is i think that my family know what im thinking when im having sex


I’ve heard what seemed for all the world at times to be the thoughts of others as well as beings or whatever, spirits, whatever you want to call them.

This is why I dated only women I got nothing from in that respect. I’d be seemingly receiving little messages from the world around me but not one extrasensory peep out of the women I was with in my 20’s.

Today I simply acknowledge these thoughts if and when I get them and try not to give too much credence to them. Though at times, like last night for instance, they accurately use words I would never use, like a family members thoughts saying to me “You’re being all occidental again” <----I had to look that one up :smile:

But as far as intimate relations, I’ve never had the problem of seeming to hear the thoughts of my partner or anything like that. My positive symptoms have been minimal and manageable for years and I’m getting lonely as hell anyway.

Does this person know you have a mental illness? Could you talk about it with them?

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no its just the awkwardness that gets to me, for example thinking everyone knows that your having sex or masturbating and it feels like your doing it infront of them, i dont tend to ask these types of questions because there quite personal but i guess i could try speaking to someone with the same illness

I’ve had that but only the partner would hear it…

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do people actually hear your thoughts like people hear mine?

At the time yes, but it’s a delusion, which can be hard to believe

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I’ve had this happen too. It is awkward as hell. Thought broadcasting is something I think a lot of us experience.

@haribobear56 I used to feel like that when I was delusional only. I think you might be delusional and should talk to your psychiatrist.

im not delusionla though, ive been int he same situation for 10 months and ive been taking meds and seeing phychiatrists, i really believe people can hea rmy thoughts

for whatever reason my “thought broadcasting system” went into shutdown mode in such instances…very convenient feature of an otherwise malfunctional construct such as schizophrenia


I’m not delusional either. Very few positive symptoms these days and when they do on occasion happen I just acknowledge it as something coming from within me and move on.

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noone can hear your thoughts hunnii. it’s a delusion, honestly. if you and i were in the same room i’d hear your voice in my head and you’d hear mine but neither one of us would be telepathic. it’s just an illness is all. it’s a very common delusion that schiziohrenics suffer from and other psychotic disorders. hope this helps


Um…I don’t think I was literally reading anybody’s mind. Uh.

Must I think and write about my experience with schizophrenia clinically as well? I fear I’d lose touch if that were the case.

I thought using words like ‘seemingly’ was enough. It was ‘seemingly’ this way. But obviously not, that’s the thing with this online community. It’s very difficult to just be a little different as I have always been, without some just assuming it’s symptomatic of something. Oh well.

Yes I have hard times with stuff like this especially if they’re hitting me.

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Also I’ve had really prick military personnel in my head trying to google my gf and talk ■■■■. I’d say ignore it, they’re worthless entities.


yes. not just sex either. it makes it hard for me to shower and other things because of the “audience” factor. admittedly, often i go some duration without a shower or other self care because it just doesn’t occur to me. but then there are times when i think of it, but i feel like i have no privacy and don’t want to be watched/monitored and don’t like hearing commentary about what’s happening when it’s happening.


the showering with voices or going to the loo or shampooing down below never really bothered me tbh, even when i believed i was telepathic, which is kind of odd in itself i think…maybe i always knew deep down that they weren’t real…?

Same here, this is typical of people who have to go through (prisoner training) in the military. It’s a very invasive feeling I’ll totally agree. SOmetimes I wonder if it’s real, it feels like I don’t even want to treat my body the same way as before. Everyone knows everything about me inside my mind, it truly feels like my whole life and perhaps even intellect was pretty much raped out of me. I feel physically weakened from it all.


my voices take the mick out of everything i do, and i find it hard to come up with ideas or discuss things without thikning im gonna be knocked down a peg everytime i do it so im just lifeless and i dont do it, does anyone else have this problem?

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F the pegs and knotholes I say. Gravitation limbo mechanism on! And I’m levitating lol. (wires hanging)

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Sorry too much dr who lately…

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