Sex while hearing voices?

I haven’t had sex in a while and want to but I am afraid that I will be hearing voices the entire time. Do you have sex regularly and how do you manage it with hearing voices or are you able to ignore them while having sex?

It wasn’t the voices so much as them watching,the perves.

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If they were watchin’, would that make you a porn star? haha but anyway on the real, i got wood from sexy sounds, i tried to ignore it but i guess it didnt work. I havent really heard any commentary while having sex yet.

I have a gf who like sex but we dont the thing everyday. years before i met my gf, i didnt want to rub one off out of fear

When I was active, I was usually so high or drunk and out of my nothing really registered, not even the sex most likely. I probably was not the best partner since I was so high or drunk.

But with the med change and that part of my life waking up, just kissing and hugging with the voices whispering around in there gets a little interesting.

For me what has been making it even more interesting is the type of tactile hallucination’s I’ve been working through. Those are what really play with the brain.

I have had sex since being diagnosed but I must have been highly medicated because I don’t remember being bothered much. Since it seems like the Risperdal I’ve been taking has become less effective, its been 9 years since being on Risperdal I’m concerned and its simply been a while since having sex. Maybe I will take it slow with hugging and kissing and then slowly move into other things. Thanks for your responses

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My meds have me symptom free today…but I used to hear voices while masturbating, and my shrink told me to masturbate more to make them stop. It worked.

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Sometimes i have to get it out, it’s purely mechanical and i could do without it really.

But ill be doing the deed and get sidetracked about things like famine treatys and how to avoid wars and if prsions really do anything good at all and they will yell at me saying “Are you really thinking about this right now?! C’mon!”

They act like it’s so great but i know it’s massively over-rated and it’s born out of sheer boredom usually, if anything at all it’s supplemental to other more important things but only a small amount.

They just can’t believe it!

Watch it mortimer, sounds like your being herded into it more, happens every day.

No on the porn star, because it wasn’t for money, just for fun.
Sorry, shouldn’t have said perve, voyer is more correct.