Seroquel anyone?

Last week I finally got to see my pdoc and he started me on Seroquel 50mg. First week I take 50 mg once a day then 2nd week 100mg a day then 3rd week 150mg a day. Im nervous about going up to 150 or even 100. Is anyone else on Seroquel? Id really like to know how its affected you and side effects that youve had. So far I feel in a daze and when I take it at night it knocks me out.

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Hello my dear friend.
In my case I have taken Seroquel (generic of Quetiapine, called Tim Asf in my country) for about two months; I take 50 mg everyday. The main side effects are hard dry mouth (I need to take a lot of water), a soft constipation, and I feel much sleep after one hour I have taken it. Previously, I had taken Trifluoperazine,but it made me feel much avolition; with Quetiapine this symptom has improved.
I hope that you are fine.

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The sedation will reside after a while. I take 600mg with minor weight gain effect. I surely don’t mind it though. Because Seroquel is the best med all around for me. I take 600mg I’ve gone up to 800mg.

seroquel made me put on 3 stone in weight and also knocked me out at night. it didn’t do anything for the voices and i was on 600mgs at one stage. i don’t like it tbh. now im on the depixol injection and doing much better. although i still hear voices but i’s weight nuetral. hope it works for you. xxx

Thank you all for your reply. The only thing im scared of seroquel is its chance to cause eps or diatonic reaction. I had it once with Prolixin and I dont ever want it again. Super scary.

It is wonderful for anxiety and it makes you so comfortable when you try to sleep. You will sleep like a baby. I am on 150mg. They had me up to 400mg to see if it made the voices go away but it didn’t work so they lowered it back down. It did make them quieter though. But the same amount quieter on either dose. I kust slept a lot more on the higher doses.

I use Quetiapine. 300 mg. I went from 50-300 in 4 days. It makes me really sleepy about one hour after intake. I think it’s a great med. Much better than all the sleeping pills I’ve tried.

I was on Seroquel XR for a bit of time. It was a good sleep med for me and helped with my anxiety. You should get used to the sedation, I know I did. I had to get off of it, because it messed with my thyroid levels and blood sugar levels. Give it some time, the side effects should ease a bit. If things don’t get better for you, talk to your doctor.

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I have 600 mg Seroquel and 30 mg Zyprexa a day, I have had some severe side-effects such as RLS and diabetes.

I’m on 50 mg Seroquel with 40 mg Latuda. But when I was on 100 mg Seroquel, I would sleep like no other. I felt so calm. Someone once told me it was like a fluffy blanket for your brain. I found that to be true. I also got a bit of the dry mouth, but I tend to drink a lot of water anyway. There was some weight gain, but when I got on to the lower doses, I was up more and doing a bit more so the weight came off again.

So far its been great for me except its caused me to have dull headache all day almost. So I take ibuprofen and it goes away. In two days I’m supposed to go up to 100mg and I’m nervous. But I don’t think 50 to 100 is a huge jump. Hopefully not.

I have been taking between 150-300mg of quetiapine for 5 years. This medicine has transformed my life and combined with venlafaxine it keeps my depression, anxiety and anorexia at bay. The tiredness is a
small price to pay for being able to work full time and greatly reduce the need for psych admissions. Know more

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Seroquel at night is my insomnia relief. It works until you get accustomed to the dosing. Most of the generic pills are coated so if you cut it up, take it at bedtime, you will sleep like a baby.

Dry mouth can happen a little. No weight gain. It may affect menstruation after 400 mg or sexual function but not sure… I think the drowsiness side effect is a plus personally. I don’t feel very drunk either. My former pdoc gave it to drug abusers he counseled as they would not get the full HIGH feeling, so they could quit easier.

Don’t like that when u are going to try any new med.Just think like ''■■■■ it will be ,what will be".

It knocked me out too.

I’ve taken 400 mg twice a day for a long time. I can’t really tell I’m taking it. I also take 80 mg of Geodon twice a day. I imagine that if I got off the Seroquel I would feel it, but as it is now I can’t tell I’m taking it.