Seroquel-Should I try it?

Have you taken Seroquel? I am thinking of trying that one. What side effects did you experience?

It makes you sleepy and can make you sleep longer in higher doses.


Other than that, did you experience other wise effects?

Side* not the other word

It probably caused some weight gain too. I’m not sure though because I wasn’t on it a long time.


Ah okay, were your muscles stiff?

No, I never noticed any muscle stiffness.

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I liked Seroquel. Didnt experience muscle problems. Hope i helped you.

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Thank you, did you have any side effects?

Yes, i became allergic too it.

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Oh no, sorry to hear that

I’ve been taking Seroquel 400 x 2 daily for years. It has had only a small effect on me. For a long time I thought it wasn’t doing anything, but then I didn’t get it for five days, and I got a little more jittery than I cared to be. Other than that I don’t feel it that much. I’ve had no problem with the drug, but some people don’t like it because it makes them sleepy.

Very cool! No weight gain, sexual dysfunction or muscle stiffness?

I pretty well had those things before I started taking Seroquel, but Seroquel didn’t make them worse.

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I think its a great medication. Been on it for over 13 years. Great for insomnia and anxiety.

It suits me very well .

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It worsened myoclonic jerks(type of seizure)

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I have been on seroquel for 8 years. I like it because it quells ny psychosis. But I gained 2 stones in 6 years mainly on my stomach. Last 2 years I have lost the 2 stones but my tommy is still disproportionately big