Abilify vs geoden weight?

Which one causes more weight gain?

I gained weight on Abilify, lost weight on Geodon but if you’re eating healthy and exercising, you should be fine!

I been asking about these for like a month! It’s getting annoying. I’m still just scared. Guess I won’t know until I try.

yeah what do you have to lose if you try a new med? try it for a month and see how it goes.

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I didn’t gain weight on either of them. I did gain weight on a blood pressure med. they gave me. They took me off it, and I started trying to lose weight. I’m still on Geodon, and I was able to lose twenty pounds while on it.

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Perrrrrrrrrfect crimbly. Does it get rid of voices?

I had problems with hallucinations, but it wasn’t like they were voices in my head. Geodon and Seroquel got rid of the hallucinations I did have.

Seroquel is not for me. How many mgs of geoden you take?

Keep in mind that the same med’s can affect people differently.

I take 80 mg in the morning and 80 mg at night.

Cool. Thanks much