Seroquel and hallucinations?

I am currently on Rrisperdone but it has not effected the voice I hear. I just wondered does anyone have any positive experiences on Seroquel or Risperdone as regards auditory halluicnations?

my mind is much quieter with 600mg seroquel

both of them are quite effective for me

I still have some of the head circus but it’s much milder then what it used to be.

Seroquel is good, 600 mg a day with Zyprexa.

Having tried pretty much all the different medications I have found seroquell to be one of the most effective and clean medications out there. Makes me quite sleepy though.

I just wanted to chime in. I only have auditory and visual hallucinations, no delusions. Risperdone didnt work for me either. Clozaril made me to dopey. I’m on a high dose of Saphris and have been voice free for four months now. It doesn’t have too many side effects either, I like it.

I was taking Seroquel XR - I liked it but had to get off of it because of thyroid and glucose reasons.
Seroquel gave me visual hallucinations, 3D spirit like images of shapes and people only in the very beginning of taking it. This can be a side effect of the med - visuals