Best medication for hallucinations?

Dear all,

I have been prescribed 6mg of Risperidone 3 days ago but this still has had no effect on my hallucination. I was on 4mg previous to this, which was also ineffective.

My question is, firstly how long should I allow for the 6mg to get into my system? Secondly, my mental health team are talking about prescribing Seroquel if Risperidone is ineffective. What are people’s experience with this medication?

I was recently prescribed seroquel and i haven’t been hearing things anymore and my visitors are gone. it helps me sleep at night, but makes me kinda tired during the day. I’m @ 600mg XR, and the sleepiness ocurrs about three hours after first taking it. I also have two friends who have had their psychotic symptoms controlled decently with seroquel. I’ve only been on it a month, and I haven’t gained any weight yet.

Everyone responds to medication differently. I’d say give it some time and see how things go instead of immediately saying this doesn’t work I want something else after a few days. I was on Abilify for the longest time and the short term gains were great until they tapered off and I fell back into the same old cycle. I’m on Perphenazine now and it’s working great but it’s only been about seven weeks.

Geodon has been a miracle drug for me. Latuda not so much. Much hallucination. Such psychosis. hearing voices. Not wow

I’m on 8mg of Risperdal and 600mg Seroquel and ECT. The hallucinations weren’t controlled until I started getting ECT treatments. Give the meds some time to work though. I’m thinking of switching to Latuda because the Risperdal raised my prolactin levels and I haven’t had my period in over a year. Good luck to you.

Clozapine-Risperdal and Zyprexa are statistically effective for Hallucinations out of the Atypicals

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Risperdal. It rid me of voices in one go.