Sent a text to my landlord detailing stuff that needs fixing in the flat - no reply

Surprise, surprise there has been no reply. He is forcing me to get formal about stuff. I recorded letter is the next step.

Then comes contacting the government body for regulating bad landlords. I don’t want to go down this route but his inaction is getting terrible.

Can’t even wash my hands in the bathroom cos the taps leak. I use the kitchen sink which is unhygienic.


Could you move?

Not really an option. Where I live it is really hard to get private accommodation if you are not working and the council have already said I wouldn’t get a council house.

I kinda want to cause my landlord grief cos he is such a nasty man. The council say they can’t house me because of a bad landlord. I have to go through the channels stated above.

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Good, get his butt accountable. I hope he gets fined.


I hope so too. Also not sure if he is doing stuff properly. Apparently my deposit is supposed to be kept by a government registered third party who holds it separate to prevent a single party of abusing it. This is not done in my case.

Also he recently put the rent up but I don’t think he followed the right legal process to do this.

Thing is he was the one who first got stuff formal by contacting the council regarding wires of mine he thought were a fire hazard. I am just returning the favour.

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