Super stressed right now!

I have been having a few problems with the place I rent. I informed my landlord ages ago and things still aren’t fixed - in fact even more stuff doesn’t work. He knows all about these problems.


I went into the inn across the street today to get a coffee. Anyway there was a local there who was really badmouthing my sister. Won’t go into details but he was calling her a lot of swear words. Don’t think he realised who I was but everyone else there new I was related but they said nothing.

I could feel my temper rising so I just got up android left the pub. On retrospect I wish I had said something but I am totally not confrontational.

Next big mistake:

I got home and was upset about the badmouthing so I phoned my sister and told her. She got upset and wished I had not told her. I felt bad cos she was upset and felt guilty for telling hey - even though my intentions were noble.

Anyway decided just to chalk up the last few days as a learning experience and tried to relax. Later on I went to the restroom in the flat and the handle on the toilet snapped off so now it won’t flush!

■■■■ sure is ■■■■■■ at the moment.

I’m so sorry about this! I’m sure things will look better in no time.
People who talk badly of others are generally dysfunctional and ugly on the inside and out. Some people have told me so many hurtful things about people close to me but I have kept it to myself to this day. I did get desperate and wanted to tell but the words still haunt me. There’s nothing wrong that you told your sister, it may be hurtful but it’s just a choice. It’s good that you didn’t confront the jerk, people like this should be left alone, it might have gotten really ugly if you confronted.

As for the toilet, if you have a bucket somewhere in the bathroom, you can fill it up with water from the sink and use that for now until it gets fixed. Maybe you can move somewhere else with a proper landlord? Chillax, it’s not the end of the world. :o) Eat some pasta, I feel like eating pasta today with creamy sauce. Do you know how to make food?


I can relate to the landlord situation. Some landlords are terrible at managing their properties. I have such a one. The guy basically spent all of his life savings trying to turn apartment complexes into money-making machines for the rest of his life. I can’t stand that mentality. These apartments should have been bought by an actual company that has the money & professionalism to take care of everything.

Needless to say, he has had to sell-off a lot and basically decompose his business. He’s equally lazy and not very kind over-the-phone.

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Thanks for the kind words water. You are always nice to the folk here.

Yeah am glad I didn’t cause a scene. But am finished with that pub. It is full of narrow minded judgemental fools - little fish in a little pond. Things is the village where I live is in the middle of nowhere. No shop, no community centre - just the pub. But I have enough dignity to know where me and my family aren’t welcome.

Yeah filling the toilet with buckets of water - seems to be working.

I am sure this plethora of bad things happening all at once happens to everyone (normies too). Just when you are not feeling 100% it sometimes feels like there is some bad reason for all these challenges.

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It will pass.

Some landlords are the worst, I rented an apartment a few years ago then left like three months afterwards cause the kitchen was literaly desintegrating, the only thing new was the bathroom, the only room with a window was separated from the rest of the house, well a mess, had to move she refused to help…


You did the right thing to just leave the place.


Hey mister. Yeah some landlords are pretty lazy, almost to the point of being negligent. Where I live there are lots of rules about landlord do’s and dont’s which I am not sure my landlord is aware of.

Thing is this is a private flat. I would never get a new private flat because I am not working. Council flats are hard to come by so I am worried about homelessness.

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Thanks so much for the support. Am just sitting in my flat listening to gentle music now!


As for the toilet, can you take the top off and pull the lever from the inside. Not ideal, maybe not even hygienic, but…

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My dad was talking about doing that but I have no ideas about plumbing. Will just use buckets of water for just now. Thanks though :slight_smile:

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i feel you jim …im just SO PISSED OFF BECAUSE …honestly I don’t know why,im just raging.

I hope you get everything straight jim because you seem like a really nice person.


Thanks @petester. I hate being upset. How can some people end up being so unkind? The badmouthing was in relation to my sisters son also which got me in such a rage.

Just need to relax now. Glad things didn’t escalate in the pub. Don’t want a criminal record!

They were also saying we should be “■■■■■■ out the village” meaning my sister and her two young sons weren’t welcome anymore.

No kidding man ,things can get outa hand really fast when tempers flare,and don’t forget that when grown men fight sometimes people die , Im glad you are out of that situation.

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I’ve been having problems with my roof leaking and with cock roaches. I put out these big laundry tubs to catch the water, but I can’t get all of it. The particle boards that make up my ceiling keep caving in. At one point I had five particle boards missing from my ceiling. They’re fixing the roof now, thank goodness. Also, I had a really bad infestation of cock roaches in my room. One day I picked up a glass to take a drink of water, and there was a cock roach on it. I nearly swallowed a cock roach. They sprayed heavily for the bugs, and I put out roach powder, and I think we’re getting the problem solved.

hang in there…you are doing a great job :trophy:
take care :alien:

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that jerk is all neck and no meat.


Ha! Flattered you remembered. J

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