All I can say for it is that it is energy.

It sure is…

Did you ever try sticking your tongue out at yourself? When I do that it kind of breaks the hold a little bit.

I feel absolutely drained after a session though.

Company… concern yourself with others. Or you’ll consume yourself… You’ll be like they are.

I’m glad you made a post about self-loathing…it’s a serious problem for some of us. I used to practice boxing until my knuckles were raw and bleeding, and then keep doing it. I also burned myself with cigarettes a couple times. It’s almost a good sign in my opinion, it means you know something is wrong, but it is jaded and confused to think that one deserves punishment for being born with this ■■■■■■■■ insidious disease. I though pain would clear my mind, give me a distraction from my brain, I enjoyed making myself bleed. It’s very common for people with any mental illness to feel that way at one time, in my support group, the man leading the group that night showed me his tattoos all over his arms to cover up his scars.

Self-loathing is a step away from getting help, at least it was for me.

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