I hate myself

I don’t want to do anything for me. There’s just no love in me.

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Why do you hate yourself? :slightly_frowning_face:

Because I don’t want myself. So anything I have to do is hated.

Aww chordy it probably doesn’t help but I think you’re great. I’m sorry you feel this way. At times, I struggle with this feeling too. It’s hard to live with. Don’t think for one moment that you deserve it because you don’t. I think that, if the feeling has power over you then it’ll be difficult to overcome. That’s why it wants power over you.

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Do you think we all love ourselves or something? Because you would be grievously wrong if you think that.

For better or worse, you’re in good company. And anyways, no one loves themselves a 100% of the time.


I hate myself too. I think a lot of sz’s do. I’m sorry you feel that way.

Omg, I so hate myself I punish myself by lifting Iron when my arms want to break off like legos. However, it makes me “feel” better knowing I have body armor. I obviously hated myself if used to be in the 80 lb range…plus unsuccessful suicide attempts…but that’s the past. Right now I am recovering from a mini breakdown yesterday. So heck yeah I hate myself. But I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got.

I don’t know if you are depressed or overly self- critical. Don’t know if you have recently experienced what you consider to be failures. Maybe you were given negative input by others. But, if you really do hate yourself, that is sad. We do have choices about this.

Most people “hate” certain aspects of themselves, whether it has to do with their appearance, or their life circumstances (job/relationship etc), even people that seem to “have it all” have some insecurities and things they hate about themselves. Depression can magnify those feelings, due to low levels of serotonin. There is always help out there and you just have to ask for it.

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You know what it is - I want someone to give me a beating. An old pattern in my life returns.

Lol go get a belt and beat yaself

Chordy you didn’t deserve that then and you don’t deserve it now.

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It really is a challenge to change that attitude for me.

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I think he’s meaning “beating” jokingly. Not what I used to get the ■■■■ beat outta me etc when young but I’d never ever want anyone to do that to me now

Yup agreed :clap: sigh

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No, I mean a real, physical beating. And, btw, I’m female.

Ok. So, you crave getting beaten? Is that what your saying, I used to cut that type of thing…or you think you deserve to be

Yes. A true Freudian masochist. As I mentioned, it was a behavior I knew and “accepted” as needed.

So if you get “off” by being beaten,why don’t you buy “toys”

That is something that can be remedied

Nothing sexual about it. It’s to stop the anxiety.