I had lost interest in myself

Letting someone tell me what to do, dominating my every move, it seemed. And then I wonder why I got mentally ill. I needed to speak up to my own self and firmly say someone isn’t good for me. No making Gods out of people.

Your a curious person @chordy . I suspect you’ve more strength than you give yourself credit for and that doesn’t change any of the hard yards you’ve done in life. I really do hate that you had to suffer.

You’ve a mountain of wisdom behind you and I like that this forum gives you a chance to work through a lot of stuff. I don’t do therapy but have friends, family and this board to work through stuff. I know it’s tough but I’m glad your working through your life. I know words don’t heal the hurt but I for one think your a good person!

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Thank you, @rogueone Yeah, both my parents were psychotic and there were injuries that didn’t get care but did get ridicule from my father. It gets to the point where I can’t bare it so I come to the forum to spill my guts. I’m not proud anymore. This much is good.:slightly_smiling_face:

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You’ve a mountain of wisdom and a good soul. Don’t get tied up in the nastiness. Your a good person and no one can take that from you. It’s always a work in progress but use your wisdom hard won! You’ve so much to add to this group so keep positive. It really is a journey when your sz…

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