Deja vu from thinking/thoughts

I have intrusive thoughts about imaginary conversations with people I’ve met in group and therapists. I have an intense visual experience sometimes and feelings of familiarity. I get delusional and think these conversations actually happened in a past life or previous universe. They feel real and are distressing. I just wanted to vent. Thanks for reading.

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i hope you are feeling better about it now… :heart:
take care :alien:

The brain could be using these experiences to try and recover from stress or trauma, don’t think too deep into a negative interpretation of hallucinations. I try to stay positive about my visual symptoms - that I’m looking into a parallel universe that I’m going to be resurrected in.

It’s the best we can do - come up with positive explanations, because to be honest there is no concrete explanation for any of the visual symptoms.


Hope you’re feeling better. I also get some of this from time to time, specially when I’m stressed. Is there any stress added to your life recently?