Seeing in Frames?

I’ve noticed that this happens a lot. I will move my eyes, and it won’t come smoothly. There is no transition just a bunch of frames like someone is moving camera scenes around.

Does anyone get this?
Is it a sz thing?

It has been happening since before taking medication

I find it very annoying.

I’ve “seen trails” before like something moves and it seems to be blur in it’s motion of being everywhere at once, but no not frames.

It could be the medication.

I sometimes see and in a still frame, something or someone moves, then it is frames again.

Honestly, I’ve only been high once or twice but when I first did get high, I experienced the same thing. I find that weird. As in, I turned to my friend and told him that I have felt just like this before without weed. He was like “what??”…Maybe it is related…

I’ve not seen in frames exactly, but I’ve hallucinated in frames. For example a random image will pop into my head and cover whatever’s in front of me for a fraction of a second and disappear. I’ve also seen in trails though, trails seem to be more common for me and look more like slow moving auras though.

Yes! You’re description of this makes me think of first days of getting high, I think I know what you mean now. Sort of almost stop motion photography but this is how you’re seeing the world?

For the most part yes but in a milder tone. When I hallucinate it is much more intense like being high.

I’ve had images like that occur. For example, I will see a man over my shoulder and jump around to see no one. It is very annoying.

I’ve hallucinated like that as well. I saw a girl in sitting in my kitchen once. She stood up and walked towards me but it was like frames being shifted, kinda like those old flip books. Then she disappeared. It was freaky. But not all my hallucinations move like that. I wander why.

I was working late closing a coffee shop one night when having heard the description of a girl (who was doing a wicked ton of E at the time) of having heard the steps of someone coming down the hall only to look to the door to see the shadow of a man walk be and dissapear before her eyes.

I was like…right, okay. Until late one night I’m closing and there’s these heavy footsteps coming down the hall and I look up to see a shadowy figure in what looks like a long coat and boots fade to nothing before my eyes. Okay. Right.

So I pretty much can’t discount anything in others experiences.

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I was tired and at a big seminar for engineering yesterday. I started to hallucinate this blond woman sitting in front of me. It was so weird. I was in the stadium then a few frames of being with this woman. Then frames with children sitting next to me etc. All though it voices were talking about me.

Hands down scary. I ended up leaving a bit early and all turned out okay.

I sometimes see in frames.

My eyes also flicker side to side when I am concentrating on things with fine details like reading or sewing for instance.

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Yes this happens to me. .

Same here. I was playing badmitten today and am very very bad. I can’t seem to follow the stupid thing and always swing poorly. It was terrible D: