Tracers or trails

I used to get tracers of objects not anymore though .

Like if I looked at a toaster and as I moved my sight I would see a ghost trail of images of the toaster.

Does that ever happen to anyone?

I think that happens when you go through antipsychotic widthdrawal.

It’s a common phenomena when you take LSD. I’ll assume you aren’t taking that.

Sadly I can only relate to that when I used to do XTC and LSD. But since I don’t do that any more, it hasn’t happened in a while.

I was experiencing seeing trails during the time I did Mescaline a (hallucinogenic) I was experiencing this after my drug trip - like months or up to a year afterwards - I no longer experience this - I don’t do drugs.
I am wondering if it might be medication related? Are you on a new med?

Ah that could be why it was about a year after I had done a lot of xtc

I get that sometimes when I’m tired or just because it wants to happen. I can assure you I do not take drugs.
Once I was really sleep deprived and whenever someone would move it would leave a colorful shadow thing behind. It was trippy.

One effect I still get is stuff sometimes looks sooo shiny like almost unreal and I can’t help but just be like woaaah that’s amazing. I assume it’s just euphoria

I see faces in things and when im walking around ill see a lamppost and thin its a man then it shocks me when it isn’t.

I used to get something like that I kept mistaking sign posts when I was driving thinking it was a person about to cross the street then when I got really close it was obviously a post.

Also used to see a dog out of the corner of my eye when I’d be walking outside or about to get in my vehicle and all my senses felt that the dog was there but then I’d look and it’s gone.

Odd perceptions

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when I walk past a van I always think theyres a man in there even if theyre isn’t.

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Ah I know what you mean man

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