See, I survived this. Need I say, you can too?

Four score and seven years ago I was at work. Well actually, it was only just four years ago.

I was emptying wastebaskets in the warehouse and all of sudden it hit me like a thunderbolt. I work in an Army Reserve office building amongst soldiers and our crew. And I thought, “Everybody here hates me.” I was a 100 percent sure of it. It was a really bad feeling but I had to just keep doing my job.

And so I finished the wastebaskets and just kept going to work but I walked around with that feeling. And so a year went by thinking this. And I don’t think anyone deliberately took advantage of me but people were treating me different, a little condescending, a little superior.

But funny enough, there were about three of the office workers who always greeted me and were always friendly during this time. But in my state of mind I thought they really were acting. But they were consistently nice.

After a year, one day I was on my break sitting in the lobby and a woman who I had seen for the past two years saw me as she walked by and looked at me, gave me a big smile and said hi. And somehow it dawned on me that she was sincere. And I perked up and started looking at people closer and I realized that many people actually liked me. I came out of my depression and started smiling to people and saying hi.

And I realized I had been wrong the whole year. And I started talking to people and cracking jokes again. Life turned good at work. This ending is kind of anti-climatic but now I thought that everybody liked me. And that’s how the last two years have been. I get to talk with everybody and be friendly and make people laugh.

My friend at work even noticed the change and commented that I’m a lot friendlier. The anti-climatic part is that for the past week I’ve been thinking the reality might be that maybe 4 or 5 people might really like me and the rest are just polite or maybe just think I’m just OK. I know quite a few people dislike me but I get along with most people including my co-workers.

So I don’t know what I expect you guys to get out of this, but hopefully something. You tell me.

And most importantly, “Four score years” is 80 years. Right, Abe?


Mate. You present well here and you present well in your job. Keep your sense of humor and just say hi to people. I’m surprised your surprised but sz will make you second guess yourself. Life’s way too short my friend. No matter what your doing then do it with a smile in your heart and on your face!


Maybe 10 people like me, lol.


I’d take that!

AT the cricket club I’ve had dudes who really hate me with a passion! Like gawd. It’s trying. Enjoy yourself my friend!


I think you’re very likeable! I enjoy your presence here.

I thought everyone at my last job disliked me but I received word after I quit that that actually wasn’t the case. Funny how that works.



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Tragically funny.

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Are lives would be 100 times easier if we just got that stuff at the time. I’ve had similar experiences.


@77nick77, I went around thinking the whole world hated me for years and years and I wasn’t even depressed. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why people hated me so much. I thought I was wonderful. Then, one fine day, it dawned on me that the world didn’t hate me. That the world was actually benevolent. That feeling began only a week after starting on an increase in antipsychotics.

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These days I feel some people hate me because I would get people trying to possess my mind and make me sound insane and torture me, but some people did this because they were bad to start off with, what worried me is that they flash pictures of people I know in my mind and then they would say they want me dead.

i thought everyone was out to get me, thought if i went out that i’d be stabbed or something but now the last 10 years on a different med has really saved my life and i’ve come out of my shell. i now think most people are good and nobody really wants to cause trouble, its a good feeling to trust people again and have a laugh with friends

on average i think i talk to about 20 friends every day.


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