My therapist thinks I should

Look for a people oriented job when I’m ready to work.

Problem is people hate me. I’m a loser. I literally have no value as a human being when I go out of my house to other places.

And they don’t just hate me, they love to hate me. I have so many stories of people being super mean to me.

I’m just not likeable. And I don’t fit in anywhere.


I feel this internally…. But I don’t know if it’s actually true….

I also feel like a loser when I leave my house… idk.

I’m sorry you feel like this, I don’t think any of it’s true about you though.

You are not a loser.

People are just mean. I doubt it has anything to do with you personally.

(Sorry, I’m really not great with my words)


You worded your thoughts just fine, don’t worry. I’m sorry you go through that too

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Thanks… it’s okay.

If anything just know you aren’t alone in these feelings…


I also feel like people don’t like me, it’s becoming more and more of an issue. I don’t leave the house because of it.

And i want to make myself useful by studying in hopes that people will appreciate me for being a hardworker.


I’ve been down that road. I worked harder than anyone else with a smile on my face. Nope. Didn’t work. In fact, I was hated more. I still plan to work hard but I need to learn to accept that I won’t be liked.


i worry about that, i hope we’re able to find peace

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You realize that it is actually impossible for a complete stranger to hate you. They don’t even know you. When strangers get enraged over things at a business, they are angry about the situation and they take it out on the employees. It’s easy to take it very personally though. Internalizing rage that others have is not healthy. They’ve got the issues, not you, so don’t let it consume your emotions. Customer service is a ridiculous job. There are a lot of angry people in the world. You can’t let it burn you up.


It’s not the patients or customers, it’s my coworkers @sweetpotatopie . It doesn’t matter how nice I am or how hard I work, they’re very mean. The last job I was at was the worst.


I deal with this too, even in my class . I switched classes because I believed my classmates hated me and were making fun of me. I started to feel like I made them uncomfortable. I was getting weird looks and a classmate snapped at me. I decided in this new class no matter how I feel or what happens, to just be kind, go to class and go home. I can’t let it cripple me. You shouldn’t either. Most people don’t really care about what others are doing.they are often wrapped up in their own thing, but we are hyper aware and very sensitive. Which doesn’t help much.

Also you are not a loser and you are worth more than you think.


Can you do a people job where you don’t have any colleagues?

Like being a self-employed therapist.

Based on your posting here you very much seem to be a people’s person.

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I understand you, but hopefully you can find a good workplace.


I’m not able to study anything new since my memory is so bad from the brain lesions.

I’m not skilled at anything other than food and medical reception based on my history.

I’m not good at anything. And I haven’t used a computer in 10 years. I lack basic skills. I’m feeling very down and hopeless


In that case I would start with volunteering and build some skills.

If you’re unable to volunteer, study or work that is also okay. I don’t look down on people who are out of options because of health reasons.


I think you’re right. I need to volunteer. My husband is against working for free but I need to do something.


Don’t underestimate volunteering. I volunteered in a museum for 7 months and in the state archives for about the same time. Both were challenging.

One volunteer in the museum got hired as a receptionist so sometimes it’s possible to promote into a paid role.


That’s very encouraging

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I volunteered in a hospital during summer but that was before sz. They gave me free food and free parking and a certificate. My friend told me its good for cv to find work. I had to bring the elderly and disabled from their taxi to their room. Sometimes they tipped me or gave me money to buy them stuff from the store and cafeteria


That’s very wise well put and better than anything I could of said lol

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Except for the fact that it’s not complete strangers who hate me. It was my coworkers, and others who know me