İ m feeling as a unliked person

İs it real think or delusion i m not sure.

Who do you think doesn’t like you?

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You should like a good person to me. I don’t know if you have friends or not, but I don’t think you’re disliked as a person. I think you are a good person who deserves to have people in your life who care about you


İ don t know.i just took 12 days vacation and everybody seems to so happy because of that in my school.but i m not sure.maybe i m wrong.

Thank you @ZmaGal .i really appreciate this.:sunrise_over_mountains:

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I think being unliked is not so bad. I think it might be a delusion but as long as you focus on the good stuff about you, you’re good to go… try not to focus on those negative types of thoughts, they’re not helpful.

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I feel the same except most of it’s a reality

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About 8 years ago I was having a typical day at work. I’m a janitor in an Army reserve office building. That day was a typical day but I was working in the warehouse when I had a strong feeling that everybody at work hated me. I just kept on working and didn’t tell anyone and suddenly I was looking at people closer and I thought, Yep, everybody hates me. This went on for a year, it was a little depressing.

I should say that two or three people must have noticed how I felt and were really friendly to me during the whole ordeal. I was sure they were just faking.

One day, after a year had passed a woman who I had known for a couple years walked by and smiled and greeted me. I looked closely at her and realized she liked me a little and was being friendly. And I started looking at people differently and they were friendly and I realized I was wrong about that whole year. Then I switched to the opposite extreme and assumed everybody liked me, lol!

Well that was a delusion too and now Some people like me even if it’s only occasionally. I think it was @crimby a few years ago or someone who said, relationships are pretty fluid and can change quickly. Sometimes people like you or hate you occasionally and might be friendly other times.

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For me some people like me and others don’t.

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